Wedding photographer embarrassed two princes

Unsuccessful frame clearly demonstrated the baldness of the groom and best man.

It seems that not all Prince Harry is ready to yield to his wife. No matter how she tried to transform the bridegroom before the wedding, namely, writing down to the gym and coaxing for a hair transplant, all is in vain. Wedding photographer unexpected perspective compromised immediately groom and best man.

The photo clearly shows the bald spot on the nape of both brothers.

Photo: Getty Images

The photo, which has flown around the Internet, was taken shortly before the ceremony. Harry is waiting for the bride at the altar, and William at such a crucial moment decided not only to support his brother, but also to perform at the wedding as the best man.

When both princes were passionate about conversation, the photographer took a photo. It is unlikely that he thought that he would show the brothers from the unpleasant side.

However, the groom and best man do not seem to grieve about this. Harry is about to go on a honeymoon trip to an African safari, and there are three children waiting for William at home ... Besides, the younger prince is not yet a month old.

Recall, the youngest of the sons of Princess Diana and actress Megan Markle became officially husband and wife on Saturday. The ceremony was held in the chapel of St. George - the one where Prince Harry was baptized when he was a child. The royal wedding guests were 3 thousand people. In addition to relatives and relatives of the royal family, they invited members of public organizations, volunteers, and palace staff to the castle.