Wedding Glass

Wedding is the most special day in everyone's life. Wedding ceremony is always decorated with various accessories, one of the notable places on the table newlyweds occupy the wedding glasses, so they are given special attention. Currently, more emphasis is being placed on color weddings. In this description, I will introduce you to how to create a wineglass for a wedding in a delicate pink color.
 Wedding Goblet
You need a flap of tulle or other fabric consisting of a mesh. Size 20 cm by 40 cm. For decoration you need pink rhinestones and a center for a flower. The flower itself is created from a ribbon, about 7 pieces of 4 cm are left, approximately 30 cm of a satin soft pink ribbon, the width of which is 4 cm. For the side branches, look for two white segments 4-4 cm and two pink ones. To fix everything on the glass, use glue. The glue gun is ideal, because its glue resembles a transparent plastic, perfectly holds the material and has no bad smell. Let's start creating seven petals for the main flower. To do this, cut the pink ribbon on the workpiece, that is, 4 by 4 cm squares.Fold the square as in the picture.
 we bend the square
Then we bend the blank once more so that we have a triangle.
bend square
Now you need to bend the work exactly. Try to make a sharp, beautiful corner, do not rush, and then everything will turn out! Secure all layers with tweezers.
 bend square
To create an inverted petal, you need to cut the base of the workpiece so that when it is bent, it can lock in and not bend back. Cut with scissors not parallel to the base, but at an acute angle.
Burn down the base of the petal with a cigarette lighter, with this action all the layers are soldered together and you get a flower petal.
melt Turn the petal out, if the base (the part that is closer to the middle) turned out to be strongly protruding, then cut it.
Cut a circle with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm from a ribbon and paste 7 identical rose petals on it. flower
A large rhinestone or tip from a hairpin, which is used to decorate wedding hairstyles, is suitable for decorating the middle of the flower. If you have been lying around like this, then her “hat” will be the best floral center. Prepare a piece of ribbon and tulle to create a “skirt” at the wedding glass.
 for the decoration of wedding hairstyles
Stick this piece to the transition point of the glass's legs base, it is more convenient to attach a "skirt" to the belt. If you glue on the glass, then there is a high probability that the grid will simply fall off the glass.
 to decorate wedding hairstyles
Bend the material almost in half, retreating 1-2 cm from the bottom edge. This is to ensure that the skirt had 2 tiers and seemed lush. Sew a grid with large stitches, constantly pull the thread.
 for decorating wedding hairstyles
Something like this magnificent skirt should turn out. glasses in the base
Pasting the skirt around the legs.Be sure to glue the joint, otherwise everything will stick out in different directions.
 glasses in the base
Now we paste the flower in the middle of the glass. Symmetrically flower make twigs of white and pink petals. All empty space can be decorated with rhinestones. Be sure to close the place sticking the skirt with pink ribbon, tie a bow and also randomly decorate the entire skirt with pink rhinestones. The glass for the newlyweds is ready.
 Wedding Glass