Very complex about the growth (1.57) tell me there is a way to make the legs longer than P. c. I am 15 years old.

Very complex about the growth (1.57) tell me there is a way to make the legs longer? P. with. I am 15 years old.

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What are you doing! I'll tell you honestly: miniature girls of small stature are just beautiful. This is very cute and feminine, especially if you are lucky with the figure (if there are any flaws in the figure, then you can and should work on it). It is much easier to feel feminine, you can wear heels without an incident to be higher than your partner. This is very cool, because the heel automatically adds femininity, makes it higher, creates a fragile image, and it is attractive and just beautiful! Do not be shy about your height! Wear heels to be higher, if you want, just not too high and not constantly - it is unhealthy. Best of all, steady low or medium heels, a wedge and platform will also increase growth and they are more comfortable to wear. In general, you still have 15, you can grow.To try to influence growth, if you really want so much, study physical exercises to accelerate growth (there are such), eat correctly and fully, because a lack of vitamins and nutrients slows growth. Particularly useful are protein foods (protein is the building material for cells) and vitamin A (growth vitamin), which must be absorbed with fat (sour cream, butter, mayonnaise as additions to carrot dishes). Many tall ladies even envy the little ones, so emphasize the advantages and use the positive things that are given by nature. You can still grow.