University admission

Next year my son will finish school, but I am already starting to worry, I really want him to go to college. Who knows what courses there are in Moscow, or maybe you know a good tutor?
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Our school has very good teachers, so I want to agree with them that my son would go to extra classes. Moreover, the teachers already know all his strengths and weaknesses.
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Katerina Serikova
������������Katerina Serikova
������������Answered on July 7, 14:57
I understand you perfectly well, I myself no longer find a place for myself. My son is very difficult to get involved in, he has one football in his head. Last year he went to a tutor, but I did not notice any significant changes.
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Our son studied all year very well, he was interested in everything. But the last year was very relaxed, the performance dropped a little. I understand perfectly well that much will depend on his training, I really want him to go to college the first time.I found such training courses for the Unified State Exam and OGE in Moscow. I read that there is an opportunity to sign up for a trial lesson, I want to try. I hope my son will like it.
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Alexander Kastryulkin
������������Alexander Kastryulkin
������������Answered on July 30 19:45
I think you can hire a remote tutor. It is cheaper, but the quality of education is not worse. In this case, the child does not have to go anywhere, which is very convenient. I advise you to look at this site. Here, for a reasonable fee, you can hire an experienced teacher who will teach your child the subject on Skype. I myself worked here before going to college, so I recommend it.