Tunosalat with Peking cabbage and mushrooms

Chinese cabbage (Beijing)Cherry tomatoes300 gramsMarinated mushrooms (champignons)200 gramsTuna (canned)1 bankOlivesParsleyGinger (root)1 centimeterBalsamic (Italian Wine Vinegar)2 tbsp.Extra virgin olive oil4 tbsp.1 tspSoy sauce1 tbsp.Sea food saltPepperHerbs (Prwan)
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:20 minutes
  • Flow temperature:Room temperature
  • Processing Type:Cutting
  • Season:spring Summer
1. Tear or chop Chinese cabbage, cut cherry tomatoes in half, chop canned mushrooms, add a bunch of chopped parsley, tuna, and olives.
2. Prepare a dressing: Grate ginger on a fine grater. Beat olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, soy sauce. Add grated ginger, Italian herbs, salt, pepper.
3. Dress up the salad and mix.