Treatment of boils at home

A boil is an inflammation of the hair follicle with suppuration. If left unattended, education will increase and there will be a need for hospitalization. At home, you can quickly treat single boils, with large quantities it is better to use the help of a doctor.

According to popular belief, the furuncle is a large formation, accompanied by an extensive inflammatory process, and boil is a huge pimple. In reality, these words are synonymous. The first name is used in medicine, the second - in the people.

3 stages of development of a boil

  1. Infiltration.In the area of ​​one hair there is redness, compaction and swelling of the skin. Accompanied by unpleasant pain, which increases as the boil matures.
  2. Dying off of tissue and rejection of the rod. Education rises above the skin with the subsequent appearance in the center of a large abscess. After opening, a compacted stem of a greenish hue with blood and pus comes out.The ulcer leaves behind a sore, and the discomfort disappears.
  3. Healing. Practice shows that small boils disappear without a trace. The larger ones leave small inverted scars.

In most cases, the duration of the stages does not exceed 10 days. In weakened people and patients who tried to squeeze out the boil, the pathology often ends with not complete healing, but a lightning spread of the infection. As a result, adjacent parts of the skin are affected, carbuncles, abscesses, purulent thrombophlebitis and lymphadenitis appear.

Boils are formed on areas of the skin with hair follicles - shoulders, buttocks, lower back, back of the neck, in the armpits and on the head.

A boil that appears on the limbs or on the back is not a serious danger. If the cutaneous formation has settled on the face, in the ear, under the arm or in the nose, it is necessary to immediately see the doctor, and only then proceed to treatment. In these zones, boils are located in close proximity to the lymphatic and blood vessels. If the therapy is wrong, the infection will quickly damage tissues and organs, including the inner ear and even the brain.

Medical boils treatment

Usually boils occur in people living in regions with a long winter period. This is due to the lack of ultraviolet rays.

Pharmacies sell boil-targeted medical products. In this part of the article we will talk about their use at home.

  1. Until the moment of opening, the boil is treated with boric or salicylic alcohol. To speed up the dissection, you can attach a heated dry cloth.
  2. When a boil appears on the face or neck, ichthyol labels are recommended. You will have to temporarily refuse to wash the affected area of ​​the body, otherwise the infection will pass on to healthy skin.
  3. With severe inflammation, the temperature may rise and weakness may appear. Then antibiotics Lincomycin, Oksatsillin, Augmentin and others come to the rescue.
  4. If boils are formed continuously, in addition to antibiotics, it is recommended to use vitamin complexes, dietary supplements, medicines that strengthen the immune system.
  5. When the boil is opened, the rod should come out with pus and blood. After the wound should be thoroughly rinsed and apply antiseptic ointment, for example, Vishnevsky ointment.This type of medication can not be used to treat an abscessed abscess, otherwise phlegmon may appear.
  6. Ointment dressings that contain antibiotics help speed wound healing and eliminate the spread of infection. Among them are Erythromycin Ointment and Levomekol. Apply to complete healing wounds.

In the treatment of a furuncle by medical means there is nothing complicated. You need to be patient and patient, because a few days to solve the problem is impossible.

7 effective folk remedies

Folk remedies also help to get rid of the annoying and painful boil. I note that traditional medicine methods are used only with one small furuncle. In other cases, it is better to resort to the help of traditional medicine.

  • Honey cake. In a natural liquid honey add a little flour, to get a mixture resembling a steep dough. From it to form a cake and attach to the boil. Place a piece of bandage dipped in moonshine or vodka on top, cover with foil and fix with a plaster. For the breakthrough you need 1-5 procedures.
  • Baked onions. A large onion bake in the oven, cool, cut in half, put a warm half to the formation and fix it with a bandage. Alternatively, from the baked onion make a gruel into which to add a couple drops of camphor oil and attach to the scrape. Bow helps out the stem. If this does not happen, little tweezers will help out.
  • Black bread. Chew a slice of rye bread, add a pinch of salt, put it on a boil, cover with a paper napkin and a piece of parchment paper. Thanks to this proven remedy, the pus will come out quickly and the tumor will subside.
  • Birch leaves. Pour a small amount of birch leaves with boiling water and rub well with soap. Glue a few leaves together, attach to the inflamed area and fix with a bandage. After two or three hours, the release of pus will begin.
  • . The healing power of the plant is enough to quickly get rid of the abscess. Boil sprinkle with soda and attach a cut leaf of aloe. Pus should come out within the first day. If this does not happen, repeat the procedure.
  • Potato. Potatoes are used not only for cooking soups, it pulls pus from wounds perfectly. A small potato skip through a fine grater and attach to the boil.To improve the effect, cover potato gruel with foil and warm slightly.
  • Ointment for healing wounds. To speed up the process of wound healing, combine five parts of baked animal fat with one part of propolis, hold the mixture in a water bath for at least 90 minutes and use wounds twice a day for lubrication.

Pharmacies sell a lot of drugs, which, together with folk remedies, will help to get rid of boils easily. To quickly solve the problem and prevent complications, the development of a boil should be monitored continuously. The skin around it should be regularly disinfected, and medical compresses should be applied to the formation.

What not to do when treating a boil?

I'll give you a simple and easy answer to this question. If you do not want to be in a hospital bed when a boil appears, I advise you to carefully read the material.

  1. After the appearance of a dense infiltrate, do not process the boil with iodine and brilliant green. Otherwise, the doctor will not determine the true size of the seal, which will lead to the neglect of the process and the development of dangerous complications.
  2. Do not squeeze out pus yourself, especially if the boil is on the face. From this area, the outflow of blood through the system of the veins of the brain. Consequently, such actions can result in the development of complications, including meningitis and brain abscess.
  3. If the boil is ripe, do not open it with a needle, knife and other improvised objects, even processed vodka or alcohol. Such liquids do not completely sterilize the instrument, which can cause infection.
  4. Do not self-treat the carbuncle. A carbuncle is a collection of a large number of boils in a small area of ​​skin. It is impossible to overcome such pathology independently. Only a doctor will solve this problem.
  5. After opening the boil, use a sterile napkin attached with a band-aid or bandage.
  6. Do not use antibiotics for boils, if you do not understand them. Incorrectly chosen drug can cause intractable dysbiosis.
  7. After opening the boil daily to carry out the dressing. During this period, it is forbidden to take water procedures or wet the wound.
  8. If the boil refuses to open, contact a specialist immediately or earn an abscess. In this case, avoid surgical intervention will not work.
  9. It is forbidden to use ointments with expired shelf life.
  10. The boil will never appear on the soles or the palms. These areas of the skin are devoid of vegetation. They may appear phlegmon, abscess or felon.

If you work in a kindergarten, school, restaurant, cafe or cafeteria, take sick leave while you are ill. People working in these areas, with the appearance of ulcers, are strictly forbidden to work. Otherwise, you can get an administrative penalty.

The boil is an extremely painful percutaneous formation. There are cases when a person cannot turn his head, move his hands and even walk. Often there are symptoms of intoxication - headache, poor appetite, fever and a significant deterioration in health.

Causes of boils

Boils - an unpleasant problem faced by people of different ages. With proper treatment, the skin lesions are not particularly dangerous.

The main cause of the appearance of boils are streptococcus and staphylococcus viruses. Usually, there is one abscess on the body.

The formation of a furuncle is preceded by the entry into the hair follicle of bacteria.Most ulcers appear in the spring due to a weakened body after winter. What else can cause boils?

  • Weakened immunity and vitamin deficiency. A weakened body cannot resist the boil-causing bacteria.
  • Oily skin and impaired metabolism. People with oily skin are predisposed to the appearance of ulcers.
  • . Boils regularly harass many working people who have little rest and are experiencing nervous tensions and stresses.
  • Wounds and abrasions. The formation of an abscess is preceded by the penetration of bacteria through skin lesions. Even minor abrasions and scratches should be carefully treated.
  • Overheat. There are cases when the boil is a reaction of the body to overheating.
  • Infectious diseases.

If there is a boil, accelerate his autopsy. Help means that we talked about above. Do not squeeze it under any circumstances.

What is furunculosis?

Furunculosis is an infectious disease, accompanied by the formation of a large number of boils. The hair follicles inflame on the human body, which is promoted by the infectious agent - staphylococcus.

The main cause of the disease is the penetration of the pathogen into the skin through microtraumas while reducing local or general immunity. Staphylococcus rapidly multiplies and starts a purulent-necrotic process, which in addition to the hair bulb also covers the surrounding tissue.

If a boil appears, immunity is weakened. Furunculosis is preceded by a failure of the entire immune system. Such a failure is caused by a general illness of the body, mental or physical strain, endocrine disorders, etc.

When furunculosis on the body appear furuncles, characterized by different stages of maturation. Initially, a painful pimple forms, after the surrounding tissue begins to thicken. In the next stage, there is a purulent fusion of the hair follicle and the formation of a purulent-necrotic focus with a dense stem in the center. After rejection of necrotic tissue, the wound is cleaned and scarring.

Boils in children and adolescents

Children face boils much more often due to imperfections of the immune system. Plus, microtraumas appear on the skin of the kiddies much more often and they are constantly in contact with contaminated things.

Adolescents are highly affected.This is due to the hormonal instability of the adolescent body, poor diet, regular stress and a number of factors that reduce immunity.

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I finish the article on self-treatment of boils at home with traditional and medical means. I hope, in the material you will find information that will allow you to avoid the problem or to alleviate the fate when it occurs.