To dream floor: the interpretation of sleep

At times, our dreams are reminiscent of psychological thrillers. Sometimes in dreams we wander through labyrinths, we cannot get out of the entrance or get out of the elevator on a certain floor. Such dreams have their own specifics and interpretation. Consider what the floors mean in night visions.

Dream Dream Thelomena

If you see a floor in a dream, and a figure indicating its number, then this vision explains your lack of awareness in current affairs or confusion.

Modern dream book

If you can’t get home because you have forgotten which floor you need to go up to, it is possible that the people around are annoying you with some sort of bustle that does not matter to you. Being in a night vision inside the elevator and not having the opportunity to go out on a certain floor indicates that there is someone in your environment who has done bad things for you. By worrying about it, you will try to deal with current affairs in order to bring everything into an orderly state.

If from the window everything stretches before you below, you are watching the courtyard from above,but remember that you actually live on the 1st floor, such night vision prophesies brilliant prospects, financial well-being and career growth. To see a floor in a dream, without analyzing its numbers, means that someone from the environment is trying to deceive or mislead, because of what you hesitate in making a serious decision.

Numerological Dream

To be in a dream on the first floor - speaks of the fear of fear of violating any rules or laws. Because of this, you cannot break out of the vicious circle of problems, look at the world from the outside and find the right solution.

Being on the first floor and looking for steps, but not finding them, means that you need to wait for support from management in matters of progress. Assistance from the administration will allow to settle matters and give the opportunity to work on new creative projects. When you see the first floor in a dream, but you understand that you do not want to rise higher, then in one day you will notice some loss. This fact will seriously upset you.

Jumped out of the window from the first floor? In the near future, others will criticize your behavior. If you successfully land and walk away, then in reality this criticism will not be able to do harm, and you will be able to withstand and win in any discussions.If jumping out of the floor in a dream, you fall down and you can not get up, disappointments and problems are coming both in the career sphere and in the family.