You will need
  • Manual, chemical additives, sandpaper, wrenches.
Turn on the alarms or dipped headlights for a few minutes. This will cause the current to flow and warm it up a little. However, you should not keep the headlights on for more than two or three minutes, as this can lead to a complete discharge. In no case do not turn on the audio system in an unbuilt car, as it consumes a huge amount of energy. Does not keep the starter on for more than five seconds. If after three attempts the car did not start, then wait for about a minute. Inspect the battery terminals. If they are oxidized, gently strip them with fine sandpaper. Screw them carefully with nuts to ensure maximum tight contact.
Ask to "light" your car. To do this, find a car donor. The Mazda car is best suited for this purpose. Drive cars close together. Open the hoods. Muffle the donor.Connect the battery terminals of both machines in series using wires with crocodiles. Get a donor. Give it a little work. Now muffle and try to start your car.
Buy special chemical additives in advance to make it easier to start the engine in cold weather. Buy them only at a Mazda service center. So you protect yourself from the acquisition of counterfeit products. There are usually two types of additives. Some of them need to be poured into the tank of the car, and others inject into the duct. If you have a Mazda Demio on a manual gearbox, towing can help. Turn on the third speed and when the front car accelerates you, try to start.
For Mazda Demio there is a special system Webasto. It allows you to constantly maintain the temperature in the machine. Heats up the oil in the gearbox and engine. In addition to the guaranteed launch in the cold, you always get a warm interior. However, there is a small minus in this system - it increases the consumption of gasoline.
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Tip 2: How to start in the cold Mazda

Everyone got into a situation where in a hurry you need to get somewhere quickly, but the car does not start.It is difficult to resist severe frosts even with a good car. Do not panic. The problem is solved quite simply.
How to start in the cold Mazda
If you are in such an unpleasant situation that you need to go somewhere, and the car does not start, do not worry, nothing serious happened to him. Because of the severe frosts, which probably were on the eve of your Mazda temporarily out of order. But this does not mean that repair can not be done without. You can handle on your own.
First, check the dashboard. When you try to start the car, the button will most likely light on it, indicating that your battery is dead. In this case, you need to look under the hood. Without removing the battery, see if the power level button is lit. In case of a negative outcome, you will need to remove the battery and take it to the car-care center in order to recharge it. If you are in a hurry, ask for help to the passing by. Let one of them charge your battery.
If the power button is lit, then the first time you can do without charging. It can be produced, as they say, by hand.If you are alone, ask outsiders for help pushing the car. When the car will roll, turn the ignition key, squeeze the clutch pedal all the way and shift to second gear (speed). Your Mazda will start. You can drive to the right place, but as soon as the engine is muffled, it will no longer start up again, since you do not have to take a long time on a dead battery.
It so happens that the battery is charged, and the car still does not start. This can happen for a different reason. As a result of severe frosts, it often happens that candles can become greasy. Because of this, they do not produce the desired spark. Therefore, the car is not able to start. In order to fix this, you need to do the following: climb under the hood and remove the tubes from the candles.
Unscrew the candles one by one. They will probably all be oiled. They need to wipe dry (on fire). The gap should be 1-2 millimeters. As soon as you manage, twist the candles back and put on the tubes. Close the hood, sit behind the wheel and turn the ignition key. Your Mazda will start easily.
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When you take the tubes off the candles, write the numbers on them, as they should be put back in the exact same order.