Tip 2: How to catch a mouse in an apartment

You will need
  • - wide scotch tape;
  • - 2 pencils;
  • - deep transparent bowl;
  • - bait (cheese, sausage, nuts, chips, etc.).
Buy in the store a wide scotch tape, like the one that usually seals large cardboard boxes. Cut a strip of 10–15 cm in length from it. Take two pencils of equal length, no matter if they are simple or colored, and glue them to the adhesive tape at a distance of 5 cm from each other. They should be perpendicular to the strip. Instead of pencils you can use two identical straight sticks.
Next, between the pencils glued to the tape, place the bait for the mouse. It can be peanut butter, a small piece of cheese or cold cuts, nuts, or potato chips.
Cover the pasted bait with a second strip of adhesive tape so that a piece of food is peeking out from under the film, and not completely hidden by it.
Now select a place inflatwhere you put the trap for a small rodent.Most often, the mice do not run across the entire area of ​​the room, but along its walls. Therefore, an ideal option for placing the bait is a place located in the middle of the wall near the plinth. Place a square piece of cardboard or heavy paper on it.
Take a deep bowl, preferably transparent, of such a size that it will easily fit under one caught in the near future.mouse. Lift it up and press it against the wall with the help of a previously made construction of scotch and pencils.
As soon asmousewill find the bait you have prepared and run up to it, the balance of the homemade trap will be broken. As a result, the pencils will disperse in different directions, and the bowl will fall to the floor, covering the harmful rodent and causing him no harm.
An upturned bowl lying on the floor will tell you about the successful result of the operation. And if you used a transparent glass or plastic pot for the trap, you can see the caught animal. Carefully remove the mouse from under the bowl and do with it what you want: leave it to yourself, take it to the pet store or let it go free.