This is a flop: 5 real stories about the worst brides

See how you do not need to behave in order not to get into the rating of the worst bride!

Of course, all girls dream of being the perfect bride on the most important day of their lives. However, stress and irritation during the preparation for this solemn event often take over the mind, and now instead of the sweet chosen one at the exit, the groom gets furious fury, dissatisfied with everything and everyone. We collected a few stories about girls who received the title of the worst of brides.

Photo: shot from the film "War of the Brides"

5th place: entry only for brunettes

This girl knows exactly how to become the head of the family! At the wedding, she allowed only the bridegroom to be with natural hair color (red, by the way), and all the others (first of all bridesmaids) had to immediately repaint in a dark color, explaining that all other colors would distract attention from her person and bad harmony with the selected shades of the ceremony.Is it worth noting that after this the number of guests at her wedding was dramatically reduced?

4th place: sell outfits immediately after the ceremony

In America, the newly married wife went even further and, choosing a dress worth $ 15,000 as her wedding dress, decided to urgently fill the hole in the family budget. The girl did not come up with anything better, how to put the condition to the bridesmaids so that everyone, as one, immediately after the event sold their holiday outfits and, accordingly, gave all the money received to her. This enterprising person pressed on the feelings of the guests, explaining that they would contribute to the happiness and strength of the young family. There were those who wanted to help, of course, but the main part of those present, to put it mildly, was in shock.

Photo: shot from the film "War of the Brides"

3rd place: stand a week of detox

But another young spouse, called by the guests behind the eyes of the “health guru”, apparently decided to take care of the health of all those present and allowed only those who attended to a detox program for a week to cleanse the body for their solemn event. In this case, the hero of the occasion ordered only a vegetarian menu, ignoring the wishes of all other people.

2nd place: arrange an auction for a wedding invitation

Lot "the worst bride"? Sales! An enterprising bride decided not to send invitations to her friends, but to arrange a real auction! Accordingly, those of the ladies who were willing to pay a tidy sum for the lot were given the opportunity to deface as bridesmaids, carefully straightening the wedding dress train or performing strange whims of the heroes of the occasion. By the way, there were not so many willing people, so the bride had to cope with all the wedding troubles herself.

1st place: bill for menu

In the ranking of the worst brides won a lady who did not find anything better, how to bill the guests of the ceremony for the most expensive dishes and delicacies. Imagine the situation, you walked notably at the wedding, congratulated the young people wholeheartedly, tried all the delights and quietly went home. But in the morning you already had a surprise! In the form of a bill for a tidy sum that was required to pay immediately. This is really a walk for glory.