The ten richest countries in this world

Despite the fact that the world economy is experiencing its not the best of times, a number of countries that can boast of a high standard of living, almost complete absence of unemployment, as well as a full package of social security and the highest level of medical care can still be found on the map of our world .

Citizens of these paradisiacal regions of the earth do not know what real poverty is, and many people in other countries dream to get into and settle in these richest regions for permanent residence, which is not so simple.

Today we will talk about the top ten of the richest and most successful countries in the world, and the main criterion for determining leadership will be GDP per capita, which best reflects the real standard of living of citizens. All indicators will be presented in a single currency - US dollars, which facilitates an understanding of the situation.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that these figures are constantly changing - in some countries they are rising upwards, and in some they are going down, but the overall picture is still unchanged.

  • Austria.Fabulous Austria boasts extremely low inflation, the unemployment rate is minimal, and people are happy and carefree. The main industries are food, metallurgy, textiles and machine building. In addition, Austria is very attractive for foreign investors, mainly due to stability. The value of the leadership criterion is about 48,000 dollars.
  • Hong Kong. Basically, this small country located in southern China earns its capital from banking and cargo transit. Hong Kong has become the birthplace of many millionaires, and also boasts extremely low taxes. GDP - 57 thousand dollars.
  • Switzerland. Perhaps it is this country that will not be surprised by its presence in this rating, because it has long established itself as the “most” in many positions. It is here that the safest banks are, that is why Switzerland is so seductive for investors, tourism and some industries, the most delicious chocolate and the best watches are extremely highly developed. The level of GDP was 59 thousand dollars.
  • UAE. Another state on the map of our planet, which, though not so long ago, but rather loudly announced to the whole world about its wealth and success.Most of the residents are local sheikhs who live in abundance and wealth, because the level of GDP for each here is about 64 thousand dollars. The country of the sun, skyscrapers, the most luxurious hotels and dreams, as well as large oil fields, due to which, in fact, the UAE and reached its greatness. In addition, the country's economy is supported by the extraction of aluminum, the sale of fish and cement.
  • Norway. It is the largest producer of gas and oil in Northern Europe, which automatically includes this country in our list. It is noteworthy that the level of development of its own hydropower industry allows Norway to export almost all the extracted oil. Until the kingdom was exposed to the 2nd terrorist attacks (in 2011), the kingdom was considered the safest for life in the whole world. The level of the main criterion of leadership is about 68 thousand dollars for each citizen.
  • Kuwait. The next position in the ranking is a small Arab country, about which, probably, many of us have never heard anything. Nevertheless, its level of GDP in the form of $ 72,200 per citizen makes it one of the richest and most prosperous in the world.Due to this indicator, its local population can consider itself the representatives of the richest class in the whole East. Like most countries that fell into this rating, Kuwait “knocked out” its main wealth thanks to sales of oil, petroleum products and fertilizers.
  • Brunei. A small but very proud country of Southeast Asia continues our rating with a weighty GDP of almost 80 thousand US dollars. Most of the income, as you might guess, of course, is the sale of gas and oil. Thanks to the wealth of the Sultan and the local population, Brunei received the name of "Islamic Disneyland."
  • Singapore. It is the most developed country in the territory of Southeast Asia, and this is despite the fact that it does not have much of its own resources: it is completely dependent on the supply of drinking water, imports almost all food products, and has a serious shortage of space. Nevertheless, the country's economy occupies a leading position in the global economy, developing through shipbuilding, attracting foreign investors, and the chemical and electronic industries. The value of GDP per citizen is $ 85,700.
  • Luxembourg.Tiny, but such a great Duchy, located in Western Europe, surely occupies the second position of our rating. The population of this tiny country is only about 550 thousand people, but this does not prevent them from being citizens of the richest country in Europe. The level of GDP here is about 103 thousand dollars! Here the maximum number of banks and investment funds is concentrated, it is noteworthy, but there is no such quantity in any country in the world! The main industries are banking and financial services, as well as the production of steel and iron.
  • Qatar. And, finally, the first place of our rating, on which the country is located, which has been much talked about lately, still, because it is the richest in the world! With a large margin, it leads the rest, the level of GDP here is simply extremely high - about 145 thousand dollars per capita! Just hard to imagine! This country, which is the emirate in the Middle East, is one of the largest exporters of oil, and also has enormous reserves of natural gas. In addition, banking and tourism are well developed here.
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