The owner of the apartment transformed the niche in the room. And most importantly managed to place everything you need

In this bedroom there was no real closet, instead the clothes were kept in a niche in the wall on the bar, on open hangers. On the one hand, this approach allowed us to save space in the room, since there were no doors that opened to the outside. On the other - the room did not look very neat and the clothes did not protect anything from dust. In the closet there were practically no shelves, except for the upper mezzanine, where you had to store a lot of things.

The owner of the room decided to embed a modern multi-functional wardrobe into a niche that would allow to place everything necessary. That is how the storage space looked like before the alteration. At the bottom, things could be stored only in boxes, which did not add convenience.

Then followed the dismantling process.All cabinet parts that interfered with the new design had to be removed: the shelves, the outer frame and the plinth.The storage area is now being prepared for the installation of a new cabinet. For this you need to putty all irregularities and cover them with a thin layer of primer. Wait until the surface is completely dry.

The first version of the cabinet was not too even, so for the correct installation of the shelves it was necessary to first nailed on the wall wooden bars, which should play the role of guides.

Door hinge installation. Since the door is rather tall, it is better to have more loops. It is also important that the distance between the loops was at least 50 centimeters.

Installation of guides for sliding shelves. Holes have already been drilled in the walls, and it remains only to install the rails to the height of the selected boxes.

This cabinet design provides for several individual rods that are installed at different heights. Now there will be no free space in the bottom of the cabinet, which is quite difficult to use for storage.

Cabinet doors, the style of which is called "white chocolate", can fit into the design of almost any room.

Installing door handles is a very important matter. It is better to try various options and choose the most convenient one, because nothing can be done to alter anything.

Now you need to clean the cabinet, removing all traces of installation. The entire installation process took 3 hours.

This is the way to put clothes on hangers in the closet.

On the shelves you can place jersey. Enough space for clothes for all family members.

The right side is also very roomy.

This is how the cabinet looks closed. It can be considered a real decoration of the bedroom.

Now every thing has its place.

The cabinet can be chosen for any size, equipping at its discretion.