The evolution of the IKEA catalog from 1951 to 2000 shows how much has changed

Acquaintance between Russia and Ikea stores began already in 1990. That year, the chairman of the USSR government, Ryzhkov, suggested that a Swedish firm, beloved all over the world, buy products in Russia. And soon on the shelves of Ikea stores in Stockholm, Milan, Taipei, etc. There appeared faceted glasses familiar to all Soviet people and other homemade utensils made in the USSR.

Only in 2000, the first Ikea store was opened in Khimki near Moscow, and immediately fell in love with customers of all ages. There is always a lot of design ideas and products for both spacious houses and apartments on an area of ​​30 sq. M., At the same time at very reasonable prices. Today Ikea is known in 11 cities of our country.

This, in short, is the story of how a laconic, comfortable and very practical Scandinavian style came to Russia.

Ikea designers have the property, like mercury in a thermometer, to take into account the smallest changes in the tastes of their customers.Buyers are only vaguely guessing about the outlines of some necessary thing in the house, but in Ikea it already exists. Moreover, it is presented in a visually pleasant and logical combination with other items in the exhibition rooms, and relatively inexpensive. That is why most of the interiors around the world are furnished with furniture from a Swedish company!

It's time to look and compare how the interiors from Ikea and ours, the USSR, looked, in the years from 1951 to 2000. And at the same time get a couple of ideas, because the retro style is very popular now!


Great idea: a cozy armchair and a catalog in your hands is the way to a good purchase.


Dream interior at the perfect price


Mention of furniture in very small letters, but the cat on the cover is already a pledge of coziness ...


Family living room with fireplace and radiola. Without a TV and the Internet.


Arrangement of furniture in a circle and zoning in the interior. Fresh spring colors.


Radiola and a lot of books in the living room with furniture in warm colors.


Focus on cool blue tones. The “wall-closet” is high and exactly “Soviet”.


The combination of cabinets and tables made of pine and turquoise upholstered furniture


The appearance of the Polo chairs


Very simple design with folding chairs.The interior has a tiny TV with a huge antenna.


Have you ever seen such chairs?


Space and comfort


Eastern notes in the interior: a Chinese lamp and a low table. To become similar, low chairs.


Continuation of the experiment with minimalism in the interior


The sofas and armchairs seem to be brought from the veranda to become part of the everyday interior. Perhaps it was in that year that the concept of an extremely minimalist home environment was born with maximum comfort (and even chic).


Very similar to the modern furniture from Ikea. A comfortable and elegant armchair (in the foreground) has appeared, which is known to all subsequent generations of customers, up to our days.