Drug "Kobratoksan" (ointment): instructions for use, indications and contraindications

External remedies for arthritis, sciatica, back pain and muscle of various origins do not lose popularity. They are safe, quickly relieve symptoms, do not cause complications and are sold without a doctor's prescription. One of these drugs is the healing ointment "Kobratoksan." Its main therapeutic component is cobra venom, well known for its medicinal qualities and commonly used in official medicine. This ointment is prescribed by neurologists, general practitioners and other specialists, that is, it is an official medicine with the exact dosage of each component.

The composition and content of components (in a package of 20 g):

  • snake venom (cobra venom) - 0.0005 g (relieves pain, improves blood circulation, eliminates inflammation);
  • menthol - 0,588g (it has a soothing, antiseptic and distracting effect);
  • Salicylic acid ester - 2.8 g (has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects);
  • ointment emulsions and excipients - 20g.

The components of the ointment act externally, there is practically no absorption into the general circulation, less than 10% of the components are absorbed into the blood. All components of the ointment are removed by the liver.

Indications for use:

  • symptoms of damage to the spinal nerves (pain in the back, spine, etc .;
  • lesions of the joints of an inflammatory or traumatic nature (arthritis, bursitis, periarthritis, artrosinovitis);
  • sprains of muscles, ligaments, tendons;
  • knee injuries (meniscus injuries, bruises);
  • pain after intense physical exertion;
  • traumatic sprains;
  • sports injuries with sprains and / or torn ligaments);
  • traumatic sprains;
  • osteochondrosis in all stages and with any intensity of pain syndrome;
  • pathological muscle spasms (eg, torticollis).

Unlike other drugs, the ointment acts only locally, increases blood flow to the affected area, improves its nutrition and relieves pain.As a result, the trauma is faster, and in chronic diseases, for example, in elderly people, it is possible to achieve the desired effect without painful injections and tablets, which, firstly, are worse absorbed, and, secondly, create a significant burden on the liver.

Operating principle

The toxins of the poison of the cobra, penetrating through the skin, cause expansion of the capillaries, which greatly enhances the blood flow and nutrition of the affected area. As a result, the recovery process is accelerated, the pain passes faster. With dislocations, stretching, motor activity is restored (to the optimum). After the first use, the mobility of the joint or limb is markedly improved, the pain becomes less intense and additional analgesics are not required.


  • skin damage and skin diseases (at the place of use);
  • children under 5;
  • persons with allergies or hypersensitivity to the components of the ointment;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • cardiovascular diseases and blood diseases in the stage of decompensation;
  • depletion of the body (cachexia);
  • active phase tuberculosis;
  • high body temperature.

How to apply ointment

Most often, Kobratoksan ointment is ordered via the Internet, often in the package there is no instruction in Russian, which is why misuse of the ointment is possible.

The ointment is applied to clean and dry skin, the application to wet skin can increase pain and cause chemical burns. The volume of the ointment the size of a match head is enough to treat the knee of an adult. Consider this guide as the preparation should be applied in a very thin layer. Ointment is absorbed with light movements without rubbing to complete absorption. The damaged part of the body does not need to be wrapped - this can lead to overheating. If required, apply a bandage bandage to fix the limb. The warming effect will begin in about 1-2 hours. Additional wrapping is not required.

It is recommended to apply Kobratoksan ointment 1-2 times a day, for 7-10 days or in case of pain. It is recommended to have this ointment in a traveling first-aid kit and people who are engaged in active sports. It quickly relieves pain, does not take up much space in a backpack, and is effective for all types of injuries.

Features of the drug

Ointment "Kobratoksan" - one of the clearest examples when the methods of alternative oriental medicine could be used in a standard form. This gives a predictable result, without reducing the medicinal effect. And, besides, having such a drug in a home medicine chest, you can say that you get the same result as tourists who buy ointment, made individually by Eastern doctors. Affordable cost of the ointment and the ability to use it without a prescription is another advantage. It should be borne in mind that the tube is designed for a course of treatment, if you want to handle the surface of a large area of ​​the body - it is recommended to purchase 2-3 packages.


The most frequent complication is overdose, which is accompanied by unbearable burning sensation, swelling and blistering is possible. With a strong burning sensation it is necessary to remove the excess ointment with a cotton swab and oil. Moisten a cotton swab or disc in any vegetable oil, squeeze and wipe the affected area. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

If there is a rash or itching at the site of application, you are most likely allergic to one and the components of the drug.It is necessary to remove the ointment with a tampon and take an antihistamine drug. For the selection of a similar drug should consult a doctor.

Release form

Ointment "Kobratoksan" is available in soft aluminum tubes with a capacity of 20g. Cardboard packaging may be missing. Shelf life ointment - 24 months. since production.

special instructions

It is recommended to apply the ointment in gloves, as it has a pronounced warming and irritating effect. You can not apply the ointment on the mucous membranes, and in contact with mucous membranes should be washed off as soon as possible with plenty of water. Do not mix the ointment with other drugs for external use. Allowed to mix "Kobratoksan" with a neutral baby cream (without fragrances), if you are afraid of burns or you have sensitive skin.