The best entertainment for guests at the wedding

Preparing the perfect wedding is not an easy task, because there are so many small things and details that need to be remembered, organized and purchased: wedding dresses, cafes, paintings, decorators and photographers, invitations and books of wishes, but no!

What is, in fact, a wedding? This is a holiday that is important to spend fun and unforgettable, and for this you need to take care of the entertainment program, which, in fact, will form the basis of the whole celebration.

The invited guests, as a rule, belong to different age groups, it turns out a diverse team that needs to somehow rally and organize a celebration process that will suit everyone and be able to create the right atmosphere. Not so easy as we would like!

Love is the main thing

The traditional feast, which is interrupted by shouts of “Bitter!” And toasts about the young and their happiness, dressing up in gypsies and seamen, as well as bursting balls for a while - this is already something boring and incredibly boring in the past.

In place of creative, unusual and original weddings, which can completely radically differ from the above described, but this is all their charm. For many newlyweds, the question of how to entertain guests at a wedding, in the end, becomes one of the most difficult among all wedding preparations, because you want everyone to be happy!

In fact, everything is feasible, if you really want to surprise your guests and please yourself with something unusual, it is very important to start preparing for the entertainment program in advance, carefully selecting or screening out certain options.

Where to start and without what you just can not do?

If you are planning a sufficiently large-scale wedding for a large number of people, among which guests from different generations will attend, then without an invited toastmaster and a DJ with the equipment you can not do for sure.

Creative approach

Experienced and qualified professionals will help you cope with the difficult task of entertainment guests, together with it you can prepare competitions that are more suitable for your contingent.

True, you should very carefully approach the issue of choosing a candidate, a person should really be able to keep the attention of the team and find a way out of non-standard situations.

A small wedding, where only the closest and most loved ones will be invited, is fully capable of passing without someone else's interference, even on the contrary, the invited toastmaster may be unnecessary here. Some great ideas to help entertain guests.

Show program and guest artists

Recently, a very popular phenomenon has been the performance at weddings of artists, musicians, bartenders and other non-standard presenters. Such show programs, in fact, can be dragged on for a long time, if desired, and at all for the whole evening with small breaks, which can quite well diversify your holiday banquet.

There are many options for the program: arrange a soap bubble show - a very unusual and fascinating spectacle, which will please any audience - from small to large. There is another option - a guest jazz band or a group of guitarists, they can perform numbers in breaks of wedding toasts, dances and competitions or completely replace all the musical design of the evening.

Without this, nowhere

Another interesting idea is mimes and painted girls, who can meet newly arrived guests, carry drinks and show small plots.During the reception, guests can meet the girl-table, in which, instead of a fluffy skirt, there is a real hard frame, on which are placed soft drinks and champagne.

Recently, the sand show has been very popular, the artist will draw pictures of your life in the sand before your eyes, perhaps this will be the first meeting, romantic moments or a wonderful future that awaits the newlyweds. Fabulous and unusual. It is best to plan a few different rooms, distribute them for the whole evening, so that between them there is enough time for rest and socializing.

Photo booth and video wish

For such entertainment, you do not need to cook something complicated and intricate: a rather unusual background and a small amount of props. As a background, you can choose posters with the name and initials of the newlyweds, the date of the wedding or their common photo. As an option, the arch for the exit registration or decorated corner in the style of your celebration, especially if you are holding a themed wedding.

Your guests should like

The simplest and classic attributes - letters, inscriptions, mustache and hats, masks and empty frames, you can add something of your own that will make your celebration unique.It is better to take pictures in the second half of the banquet, when guests, and the newlyweds themselves, will have time to relax.

Video wishes are a great way to entertain guests during a photo shoot for newlyweds, usually this process takes 3-4 hours and invited friends and relatives simply don’t know what to do without looking at the champagne and light buffet.

If you have a videographer, then ask him to shoot a congratulation with your guests, let the witnesses give them questions and tips that will help your guests to formulate their thoughts on the camera. Subsequently, it will be very interesting for you to revise such moments, they will easily return you to that atmosphere of celebration and light excitement, and guests will have something to do while the newlyweds are busy.

Competitions and entertainments

It is better to discuss this question with your moderator, but nevertheless, the final decision will depend only on you, depending on the status and nature of your guests. For example, active dancing to the lively music is likely to appeal to everyone, but transferring an orange sandwiched between the chin and neck is not an option for everyone.

Try to pick up not straining contests, and the program should be built so that people have time to eat, communicate with each other, take time for themselves and find a way to communicate with the young.

If your guests are mostly active and lively people, then you can spend a whole wedding quest, find a treasure, and as a treasure, you can offer some nice gift or marriage registration certificate.

Another option is to make a wedding crossword about the newlyweds, there may be questions that affect the moment of their acquaintance, as well as knowledge of their tastes and preferences, for example, favorite movies, sweets, places where the newlyweds have already visited or want to wish. Such crossword puzzles can be printed and spread out to everyone on the tables, during the evening, guests can guess, and who will cope first will receive a consolation prize.

And you can do differently - make one big crossword puzzle on a big paper, and guess it all together. In any case, remember, if you really want an unforgettable and touching wedding, take care of the atmosphere, it is she who will set the pace and direction of your holiday, help guests relax, feel warm and comfortable.

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