The album of the newborn with their own hands - a guarantee of warm memories of a happy childhood

Newborn album with their own handsThe birth of a child is always an exciting and emotional period. I want to remember every moment, thrill, experiences. But it so happened that over the years, even the strongest emotions are forgotten, dissolving into everyday life and troubles, so you should take care of the memories in advance.

A great way to save every joyful moment will be a child's photo album, and if you decide to make an album of a newborn with your own hands, the pleasure from the process and the joy from the result will long remain in your memory.

How to make an album for a newborn with your own hands?

For the manufacture of the album does not need to spend money on expensive raw materials, you can use the available materials.

So, you will need:

  • cardboard - required for the manufacture of the cover.It is necessary to use hard cardboard so that over the years the album does not begin to crease and lose shape;
  • colored paper - needed for the manufacture of jewelry and decor. If you plan to make the album "antique", it is better to use the newspaper;
  • cloth, buttons, beads, beads, ribbons, polymer clay - in a word everything that can be used as decorative elements;
  • scissors, glue, hole punch, thread, needles.

Now there are many special devices with which you can make lace edges or ornaments of different shapes, but you can do without them. The main thing is that the album for newborns should be made with love with their own hands, and the materials themselves will fade into the background.Newborn album with their own hands

Instructions for making an album for a baby

First of all, select the materials, determine the color range, then go directly to the production. First we make the cover. Two rectangles can be cut out of thick cardboard according to the size of the album and then fastened together with sheets by a spring, or you can make a whole cover like a book binding. You can also take as a basis an old album or notebook with a spring.

After the cover is ready, go to the pages. You can choose several colors of paper that will replace each other, say, every 3 months from the life of a child. That's it on the pages should not restrain the flight of fantasy. You can cut corners, crumple them, paint, rub. All sorts of bows, figurines, ribbons, beads, etc. are welcome here. The main thing is that they are securely fixed, do not interfere with flipping through the album and do not spoil the photo.Newborn album with their own hands

If the version with the use of an old notebook you do not like, but you can’t do a book binding, then you can use a regular punch. It is necessary to leave on all pages 1.5-2 extra centimeters in advance and prepare a wide ribbon. Carefully punch holes, it is very important that they are on the same level, the type and quality of the album will depend on this. Puncture the pages, fold them in order, including the cover, and thread the ribbon, tying a beautiful bow.

Without which thematic pages albums are not possible for newborns with their own hands?

Newborn album with their own handsIn order for the album to be considered complete, and not only lulled by the eye, but also warmed the soul, you should take into account that there must be certain sections in it.

  • photos from the hospital;
  • height, weight, time and date of birth of the baby or a pocket under the tag;
  • first bathing;
  • sleep;
  • first steps;
  • family photo;
  • first birthday;
  • an impression of the handle and leg;
  • hair strand.

In some more voluminous albums, even a pregnancy test and a photo with ultrasound are allocated, but this is optional.Newborn album with their own hands

Most importantly, the album is filled regularly and with love. And then, in a few years, together with your already grown-up child, you will be able to watch the album of the newborn, made with your own hands, and remember how it was.