Tea: the benefits and taste

Properly brewed tea contains many health benefits: biologically active substances, caffeine, theophylline, flavonoids.

Tea varieties can be divided into enzymatic (black), non-enzymatic (white, green) and semi-enzymatic (red, blue, yellow). Its properties depend on the qualitative composition.

People who do not tolerate coffee, enjoy this magic drink.

Useful properties of tea:

  • Only 3 cups of tea per day will protect against stroke and brain tumors.
  • White tea has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Gently increases blood pressure and due to the gradual release of tannin is not as sharply stimulates the activity of the heart muscle, like coffee.
  • It has a diuretic effect.
  • Temporarily relieves asthma attacks due to its ability to expand the bronchi.
  • Strongly brewed tea has a beneficial effect in cases of motility disorders.
  • Black tea slows down the growth of bacteria, due to which plaque, stone, caries forms on teeth.
  • Its regular consumption contributes to longevity due to antioxidant properties.

As with any drug there are contraindications for tea. People with increased excitability, insomnia, high pressure, strong tea is undesirable to drink, but weakly brewed - plenty. The ability of tannin contained in tea to bind iron can cause anemia if it is drunk with food or a little later. Therefore, doctors do not recommend drinking with this drink most drugs.

So, the therapeutic effect of tea can have depends on its proper brewing.

There are a lot of both common and original ways.

For this ritual, the properties of water play an important role. It is better that the water was soft, it is spring or mountain. Plumbing is desirable to defend a few days.

Rinse the teapot from porcelain with hot water, pour in a certain portion of tea, pour boiling water over 2/3 and leave under a linen cloth for 5 minutes. Then, topping up to the limit, you can treat a delicious drink.

Tea drinking is a tasty tradition, when gathering around a round evening table you can relax from the noisy active day and enjoy a conversation with your family.Tea not only helps in the treatment of various diseases, but also creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the house and in our souls.