Swing tires - a zone of comfort and relaxation in the country

Swing is an integral part of the playground. On the availability of space for playing in apartment buildings care is often not necessary, but in the private sector or at the dacha to equip the swing is independent. Not everyone can buy a fixed welded structure. Find old tires from the car is not difficult, even for those who do not have their own transport. A few hours of work - and rubberized tires will turn out to be practical comfortable swings, in no way inferior to stationary structures, and sometimes even superior to them in functionality.

If desired, the swing can always be painted and give them the shape of certain objects.

Simple mobile design is easy to clean, dries quickly and has no sharp corners. If desired, you can take such a swing with you, even to nature.

More powerful swings can withstand even an adult.The main thing is to take care of the reliability of the fasteners and find where to hang the structure.

Elastic rubber is easily modeled.

Having cut the tires in two and complemented it with a board, it is easy to get a swing for two.

Having in the arsenal of a large tire, you can build a swing, even for the whole company.