Stylish and trendy looks with white sneakers.

High-heeled shoes - an essential attribute of women's wardrobe. But it is difficult to call them practical. Therefore, many of the fair sex often change these shoes to comfortable, light and stylish sneakers. They have long ceased to be solely sports shoes, and stylists around the world vying with each other offer beautiful and feminine images with them. Today we will offer several of these to you.

Available fashion

White sneakers will help refresh your look and become one of the ideal basic things, the main thing is to choose them correctly. If you have not yet experimented in this direction, then it is best to get a pair in the style of the old, good "superstars" that will be combined with casual-clothes.

They fit both pants and dresses in linen style. In addition, these shoes are quite affordable. You can find it on the shelves of expensive branded boutiques and mass-market.

And if you have already become the owner of white sneakers, then here are some stylish ideas.

Eternal denim

Perhaps this is the perfect combination.But here there are some nuances - give preference to light tones and 7/8 length. “Boyfriends” will also fit perfectly into the look. As the top fit coat or jacket coarse-knit. Also it will be fashionable to look fur vest, under which you can safely wear a turtleneck.

Do not forget to take with you a bulky bag.

With culottes

Cropped pants are one of the most successful things, creating a harmonious look with white sneakers. Culottes are classic, cropped, wide trousers. Do not be afraid of the word “classic”; by creating an ensemble correctly, you will look very stylish. The set will complement the knitted sweater, short coat and scarf.

A small classic clutch with a long handle that can be carried in your hands or on your shoulder will be appropriate.

With knitwear

This option is recommended by stylists not only to young girls, but also to women aged 40+. Young women in the warm season can afford a cropped top and maxi skirt with white naykas, but mature ladies should stop choosing oversize clothing models.

With skirts

That's where fantasy is no limit. Your white sneakers will look great with a mini length (suitable for jeans, knitwear and even eco-leather products) and midi, maxi models.

Skirts up to the middle of the calf can be of various textures and patterns, from pleating to asymmetrical cut. But the products on the bone, it is desirable to choose direct and concise.

Comfortable sneakers

High sneakers came to us from the 70-80s, having undergone a few changes in style and appearance. The last few seasons are topical among fashionistas are "snickers". Besides the fact that they look very stylish, the undoubted advantage is that the warmed versions can be worn even in winter. What can wear such shoes?

Combine them best with tight jeans, leggings and short skirts that can be supplemented with gaiters. But keep in mind that such a "playful" image will suit only young girls.

Look “sneakers” will be harmoniously also with knitted dresses and dresses, shirts. For the most daring, stylists propose to try the image of "total white" and dress in everything white. White cloak, hoody, skirt and transparent top in combination with the same color sneakers will create a spectacular appearance. And with the help of jewelry and accessories you can add bright accents.

Sneakers can be worn with almost any clothing.Even the most challenging and unusual images often become the trend of the season, so do not be afraid to experiment and indulge yourself in comfort.

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