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My daughter wants to go to a driving school. But I do not really trust the level of teaching. Therefore, I want her to first independently learn traffic rules, and therefore already went to a driving school. Advise any good programs for studying.
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This is a very good decision! And then I look at what is happening now on our roads, but I just wonder - it seems that at least a third of drivers I have never seen Traffic rules in my eyes!
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Now there are a lot of programs that give the opportunity to learn traffic rules online. The main thing is that your daughter is really engaged, not filonila. Then it will be very easy for her to study in a driving school, and she, too, will pass the law without any problems. And, most importantly, knowledge of traffic rules is first of all its safety. Look, for example, a convenient service for learning the rules of the road.
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The author, if you still teach your daughter to drive a car before she goes to a driving school, this together with an independent study of the Rules of the Road will give an excellent effect. At least, at one time my father taught me that way.