Snake puzzle: how to collect?

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Snake puzzle: how to collect?

There is no such person who would not know what a Rubik's Cube is. Meanwhile, the talented inventor came up with one more fun for adults and children - a snake puzzle! How to collect it? Today it is easy to find the answer to this question on the Internet. The cube will always be a cube, but here there are a great many combinations. Putting this way, then another 24 triangles, the player can end up with a dog, a large triangle, a snowflake, a turtle, the snake itself, and much more.

From the puzzle-snake easily go flat and three-dimensional figures, the usual geometric shape or in the form of a zoo (,). For example, after going through this, you will find a video guide of the snake puzzle: how to collect a ball.

Create like this or create your own.

Following the instructions, children and adults, through simple combinations, quickly turn a strip of triangles into a pyramid or ball. Although such a toy as a snake puzzle, the figures under the force of the most diverse, if you believe the scientists, you are waiting for ninety trillion combinations!

To assemble a cube from a toy, it will not take much time, especially if you do not deviate from the sequence of actions:

  • So, pull the puzzle in front of you in a line, bend a part of it in the form of a ladder, and straighten the other horizontally, dividing the two halves with a vertical “step”.
  • Where such steps are horizontal, one above the other, it is necessary to rotate the second and third links so that they are horizontal in relation to each other.
  • Similar operations should be continued with the fourth, fifth, and so on until the eighth inclusive link (each of the three elements), but starting from the ninth, be careful. If you choose such a rather complicated, fun puzzle-like snake, the instruction should always be close.
  • Thus, the ninth element must be rotated 180 degrees and firmly put on the seventh and eighth, all that you have left after this, lay out the letter "G" and fill the recess.
  • Voila, the snake formed in a cube.

The video in this topic will explain how a doggy comes out of a long strip.

Now you know what this puzzle is.Interesting, right? The baby will also be interested in collecting such a toy according to the parameters and instructions already set, and adults will be willing to invent their own, not like anything. This toy will charm anyone! And in the Year of the Snake, such a choice, as a gift to a child or an adult, will also be very symbolic.