Set of a cap and a snug beautiful pattern

Pattern design to a very beautiful hat

This pattern is best knitted in a circle, with the number of loops multiple of 16.
If you are performing the pattern in straight and back rows, knit 2 together from the wrong side. and 2 together ibid. for the back wall, and knit nakidy purl loops.

Designations to the scheme:
| individuals. a loop
- izn. a loop
0 nakid
/ | diminutions with a tilt to the right: enter the right knitting needle into the second, then into the first loop of the left knitting needle and knit them together with the faces.
| \ decrease with an inclination to the left: remove the loop, 1 person., throw the removed loop on the knit.
/ | \ double diminution: enter the right knitting needle into the second, then into the first loop of the left knitting needle, remove these two loops on the right knitting needle, knit 1 faces.

I knit ALIZE LANAGOLD thread at 100g-240m, the composition of 49% wool, 51% acrylic. Spokes number 3.
For gum, I scored 90 loops. Elastic 1x1. I tied 5cm 1x1 gum and made one row of purses and again 5cm gum1x1. My gum will tuck down, i.e. in two layers.

In the last row of the gum I add evenly 22 loops (twisted nakida) total we have 112 loops multiply
16. And then knit on the scheme. But the scheme which is attached to the cap is not quite correct, I counted their inclined rows on the cap 4, and according to the scheme 3 rows are obtained. I have already started to knit and the calculation was done under 3 rows, but it seems to me that 4 rows look better, but this is your business how to knit. For better clarity, I drew a different scheme, according to which the number of loops should be a multiple of 20. Here is the scheme:

Here is what I get:

My tips: knit by the second scheme (my first is connected), the thread is a little thinner, about 300m in 100g. or knit more tightly. And someone else may want, just like I would replace the usual nakid with a twisted nakid (I wanted to have smaller holes, I had to dissolve)) this is not necessary, the pattern does not work. I plan to link the second, how to finish this one, considering all the flaws and then I will tie the trouble to her. But it will not be fast, because it is also necessary to go to work.

My hat tied up, while no lining.

I drew a scheme to reduce the top as best I could:

I made reductions in places where one face knits and the rows on the left and right converge to it, so gradually we reduce these rows, on the diagram where the brackets are all knitting together. I hope clearly explained. Who does not understand ask.