Secrets of beauty and youth Winona Ryder

Most people know Winona Ryder from her roles in Interrupted, Dracula and Autumn in New York. Both on the screen and in life, Rider always looks very vulnerable and feminine. Moreover, over the years, these features of the actress are becoming more pronounced. She has never been seen in public with bad makeup or hair styling, imperfect skin and deep wrinkles. And this is despite the fact that Winona, unlike many of her colleagues, never resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. How does she manage to look the same now, in her 40s and older years, as in 20?

Once the secret of the beauty of the actress revealed her close friend and makeup artist Kim Colley. “Winona is very kind to what she eats. “She never allows herself to eat fast food or other junk food,” Kim Colley told People in 2010. - She eats a lot of vegetables and fruits and never drinks carbonated drinks, from liquids in her diet - only water! That’s her recipe for great body and perfect skin. ”

But according to rumors, Ryder owes his slimness not only to useful, but also to bad habits: it happens that while working on the set, the actress does not eat anything at all! Allegedly, such a hunger strike helps her to concentrate fully on work and better get into the role. Well, and such methods of weight loss and concentration have the right to life; the main thing - do not delay with fasting, drink plenty of water and go out from hunger strike gradually.