Not just food! Scientists have invented pasta miracle

This type of paste is able to protect against heart attack.

Italian scientists never cease to amaze! This time they managed to create special pasta that will not only diversify your daily menu, but also help protect you from a heart attack. Are you impressed? Frankly, we, too. After all, if earlier this product was not considered useful because of the high content of carbohydrates, now it can be safely served for lunch and dinner.

Photo: Getty Images

Nutritionists have recently had a low opinion of pasta, advising to exclude this flour product to everyone who had health problems. However, the new development of Italian scientists, who, like anyone else, know a lot about pasta, spaghetti and other similar products, is able to protect the human body from heart attacks and heart attacks, so feel free to include this product in your list of favorite foods.

The experts explained that in addition to wheat flour, whole-grain barley flour rich in beta-glucan fibers, which helps the development of new blood vessels, is also part of the wonder-pasta.The only thing you should not get involved in and exclude from the diet other useful products. Scientists note that everything is good in moderation, and some pasta can get bored very soon.