Salad "Tank" on February 23: recipe


For one of the options for a delicate and delicious Tank salad, you will need:
- 250-300 g of chicken fillet;
- 150 g of any processed cheese;
- 300 g pickled gherkins;
- 5 boiled eggs;
- 200 g marinated champignons;
- 1 onion;
- mayonnaise;
- black pepper and salt to taste;
- vegetable oil 100 g;
- 100 g of water;
- 2 tbsp. l vinegar.
To decorate the salad you need:
- 1 boiled carrots;
- 1/2 small red sweet pepper;
- any greens.

Cooking method

All ingredients are stacked layers in a certain sequence. Chicken fillet is better to cut into thin oblong pieces and fry in vegetable oil. Put the fried fillet on a flat plate in the form of two ovals - the lower one is large, on the top - smaller. Next in the marinade of water and vinegar for 15 minutes should be put finely chopped onions. Then squeeze it and lay on the first layer of chicken fillet.
Boiled eggs must first be divided into proteins and yolks. Squirrels rub with a large grater over onions, salt and pepper and smear with a thin layer of mayonnaise.Mix yolks with mayonnaise. From the resulting yolk mass blind core of the tank. Distribute the remaining yolk in the salad.
Next, you need to cut the champignons into flat pieces and spread them over the yolk mass. Top rub the cheese on a fine grater. In principle, the salad is ready. Now he has the appearance of a camouflaged tank. You can put a star on top of carrot strips and serve. But if you have time, it is better to bring the salad to perfection. To this end, a layer of cheese is abundantly smeared with mayonnaise and finely chopped gherkins, pre-dried from the brine, are laid out. The salad looks very voluminous, but at the expense of a finely shredded gherkin - fluffy.

Star on tank

To decorate the finished salad, a star is cut out of red pepper. To do this, it is pre-drawn on paper and transferred to a piece of sweet pepper. To make the star even, you must carefully cut off the excess pulp from the pepper.

Vegetable Letters

With the help of vegetables, you can make a congratulatory inscription. For this, for example, carrots are boiled until half-ready - otherwise the letters will break - cut along thin strips, then each strip must be cut again - you will get long and very thin strips 1 mm thick. From these strips cut out the right letters.Round letters can be made from trimmed carrot walls. Letters can be made multi-colored - from carrots, cucumbers, beets. For a perfect delicate flavor, it is best to prepare the salad in advance so that it can soak overnight.