Rules for skin care in the winter

If your skin is oily in nature, then in winter it is best to use cosmetics for normal skin. For all other types (dry, combined, problem), maximum moistening and nutrition will be necessary. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate means.
A face mask is done once or a maximum of twice a week. In winter, the skin becomes very dry and this number of procedures becomes scarce. Therefore, in the cold season it is better to make a mask every 2-3 days in order to constantly keep it moist.
It is moisture that the skin lacks in winter. In addition to creams and masks that will help solve this problem, you need to monitor the air in the room in which you are constantly. It must be hydrated. The easiest way is to hang a damp cloth on the battery or to put a pie with water.
In the cold season, face cream should be special.It should not only moisturize the skin cells as much as possible, but also have protective functions so that the cold and wind have less negative effects on the face.
It is necessary to moisturize not only your skin, but also the organism as a whole. In winter, you need to consume more fluid. If in the usual period this figure is about 1.5 liters, then with the onset of cold weather, the amount of liquid should be increased approximately twice.