Rolled curtains in the interior of the kitchen

The advantages of roller blinds

Practicality.Roller blinds can be made from a wide variety of materials: fabrics, bamboo plates, banana fibers, etc. However, the traditional option for the design of kitchen windows are roller blinds fabric-based, impregnated with a special composition that makes the curtains resistant to water and grease contamination.

Different types of fastening.Rolled curtains for the kitchen can be fixed both above the window opening and on the casement of the window itself. The latter option allows you to save more free space on the windowsill - you can easily place pots with indoor flowers on them or equip a small working space.

Convenient operation.Modern roller blinds are not whimsical in their care - due to the additional impregnation, most of the dirt can be removed with a conventional sponge dipped in water.In addition, roller blinds can be easily washed in a washing machine.

Democracy.The price of roller blinds depends on several factors: size, mounting system and material used. Nevertheless, they have an affordable price in almost any price segment.

Universal assortment.A huge selection of colorful models, a variety of various drawings and textures allows you to choose the right option for any interior. If desired, roller blinds can be used as the main accent in the interior of the kitchen.

Reliable protection.Roller blinds are distinguished not only by their stylish appearance and practicality, but also provide reliable protection from sunlight during the day and from prying eyes in the dark.

How to choose blinds for the kitchen?

In order for the purchase of roller blinds for the kitchen to be successful, when choosing them, it is necessary to be guided by such factors as the size of the room, the style of the interior and the operational characteristics.

The size of the room.If the kitchen has a small size, it is better to opt for roller blinds with fastening on the sash or window frame - this will make room on the window sill and effectively use the space under it.Horizontal roller blinds visually widen the wall with a window opening, and curtains with wide vertical stripes increase the distance from the floor to the ceiling.

Performance properties.If the plate and work surface are located far from the window, then you can afford a combination of roller blinds made of natural materials (for example cotton or bamboo) and a light translucent curtain. If the working area, on the contrary, is in close proximity to the window opening, then it is better to pay attention to curtains made of fabric with a dirt-repellent coating. For rooms with a high level of humidity, you should choose curtains soaked in water-repellent solution.

Color spectrum.When choosing the color of the curtains for the kitchen in the first place should be guided by the general color scheme in which the room is decorated. So, for a small kitchen with a small amount of light, light tones are ideal: beige, ashen, cream, lime, cream, light pink and light lilac. In a large and spacious kitchen with the color of roller blinds you can experiment: indigo, bardo, eggplant, grass green, purple, wine and dark blue will look original and luxurious.

If the interior of the kitchen is decorated in warm colors, then the curtains should be selected in the same color scheme. They can be combined or contrasted in color, but they must necessarily be of the same tint spectrum as the entire interior of the room. However, if the size of the kitchen allows, then you can go the other way and choose curtains with more bold shades. For example, a combination of warm bright yellow with a cold steel shade or a combination of the color of summer greens with coolish tints of purple tones would look very successful.