Rococo features in the interior of housing

Rococo style is one of the most sophisticated and sophisticated decor options for houses and apartments. It gained its popularity in the 18th century and became a continuation of the world famous Baroque style. In this spirit the palace chambers of kings and queens, noble houses were decorated, its features can be traced in ancient Catholic cathedrals.

You can also see this elegant decoration in the lobby of the Hermitage Theater with gilding, floral ornaments and beautiful paintings.

Rococo appeared to remove the deliberate excessiveness of the Baroque, and to give the opportunity to create a cozy homely atmosphere, not devoid of grace and even some playfulness.

Chinese motives

In the time of its appearance, the Rococo began to spread actively throughout Europe. One of its trends was Chinese or Rococo Shineauerie. The interior decoration of the houses of the nobility was obliged at that time to meet the requirements of such a fashion.

One of the main elements of the decor are screens. They were mobile, due to which the owners had the opportunity to change the zoning of space.Low furniture with a glossy surface and wall carpets depicting Chinese warriors, women or nature were also obligatory.

All this was complemented by graceful floor vases with paintings, goldfish aquariums and, of course, sets of the finest Chinese porcelain.

Characteristic features

Interlacing the interior in the style of rococo with another is impossible, his elitism and luxury will immediately betray themselves. Who will like it? Those who seek to be surrounded by wealth. In these chambers, or living room, you will feel at least nobles.

The main features of the style are:

  • Primary colors are white, red and gold. Pearl, blue, pink and light green are considered secondary.
  • It is easy to recognize the style also by the characteristic paintings. Previously, they depicted the relationship between a man and a woman. Today, the ceiling can be decorated with images of sky and angels. In the conditions of modern achievements it is quite possible to repeat this creation with the help of decoupage technique or photo wallpaper.
  • Mandatory reception in the design of the walls - no sharp corners. They should be rounded and covered with silk.

In the modern world, special fabric wallpapers are used for this, which, when properly glued, exactly resemble matter.

The ornament, if any, should be small. Often also used small polyurethane stucco, containing a large number of curls. If the walls are painted, then they should have a characteristic luster.

The presence of carved wooden panels on the walls and tall, large mirrors in beautiful frames are also welcomed.

  • The ceiling with all the richness of the lower part of the room can be made in a single-color format. But such a simple surface will greatly simplify the overall picture, so stucco can not do.

Another technique often used in the rococo style is the blurring of boundaries. The ceiling is made a continuation of the walls, visually removing borders with the help of frescoes or ornament.

  • The floor is usually laid out with a ceramic tile with a glossy surface. But the option is not excluded and the usual wooden flooring. A prerequisite - lacquered material, as seen in the photo.

Carpets will be appropriate. But they should not completely cover the floor. It is better to place them either in the center of the room or in separate zones (dining room, near the dressing table, by the bed).

  • Furniture. It is worth remembering that it should not have sharp corners.Soft sofas, armchairs will look great in a company with small soft benches and couches. The main condition - graceful, curved legs. The presence of floral and floral themes on the upholstery is welcome.

In the bedroom you should take care of the graceful headboard.

  • If the living room is decorated in the rococo style, then a fireplace decorated with marble, which is decorated with porcelain figurines and a large clock, will look quite harmonious in it. Above the fireplace you can hang a mirror or a picture.
  • Lighting. Chandeliers and sconces will help to maintain the overall image. Crystal sparkling chandelier trimmings and lamps in the shape of sea shells fit perfectly into the interior. Romance and intimacy will add beautiful candlesticks.
  • Textile. In contrast to the heavy and massive baroque décor, Rococo textiles are externally light, but retain their shape and multi-layeredness. Suitable falling curtains with lambrequins, bedspreads with a fringe and a tablecloth of the same color as the upholstery of the chairs.

Of course, modern houses and apartments in the Rococo style are not as pompous as the royal chambers. First of all, designers take care of the comfort and functionality of the room.

Beautiful and luxurious accessories such as art, metal products, complement the interior and make it more theatrical, but it is important to feel the measure.

It is especially worthwhile to approach the issue of arranging the office or home office in a similar style. Modern equipment does not always fit well into the classic image of the room.

Rococo is lightness, asymmetry and playfulness. Such an interior will suit sophisticated people who appreciate comfort and know how to enjoy life.

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