Revealed the secret of a happy marriage Jennifer Aniston

As we know, Jennifer Aniston is already the third year of marriage with Justin Theroux. On the part of the actors seem to be a harmonious and loving couple - what is the secret of such an ideal relationship, when all the unions around Hollywood hills go to pieces? You will not believe it, but the whole thing is in the observance of a strictly agreed rule. Which one About this, Justin raspochvenichalsya in the morning show Good Morning America. It turns out that in the star family it is strictly forbidden ... to spoil! For example, even under the threat of death, do not tell how the series “Left” ends, in which Theroux is being filmed. “Jen even refuses to rehearse the role with me,” the actor complained. “She loves this show and doesn't want to hear a single spoiler!”

Post by @justintherouxFeb 11 2017 at 6:05 PST

Here is such a simple, but effective recipe for happiness. In fact, Justin, of course, laughed off again. It seems to us that the main secret of this couple’s ideal relationship is that the actor is not trying to drag the blanket over himself. As he himself once admitted in an interview, he is not against being Mr. Aniston.Before us is a man who admires his wife and speaks of her solely as an amazing woman.