Remove weeds in the garden without using harmful chemicals.

Weeds - a real punishment gardener. They make us constantly return to the weeding. Sooner or later, many have the thought: "and not whether to use special potent drugs against them." Those whom uninvited guests in the garden brought to physical and moral exhaustion are even ready to put up with their negative impact on the soil and other plants. Stop making compromises! Use these secrets to help destroy weeds in safe ways.

Boil water

If you think that weeds interfere only with garden beds - this is a big mistake. Even those that grow on footpaths or waste places potentially cause trouble. They will sow the garden with their seeds, and destroy the tile by the root system. Boil a large amount of water and pour the annoying grass.

Plant a lawn

Cover all places free of beds and garden with an even lawn planted with special varieties of grass.These varieties are able to defeat the harmful plants, oppressing their shoots with their own root system. Of course, the lawn will need to look after. But the neighborhood with him, unlike the neighborhood with weeds, the garden does not harm.

Close the weeds sunlight

Agrofibre action is based on this principle. Cover the beds with this material, and plant the seedlings in the slots on it. Sunlight will reach your landings, but will not get to the weeds. In those places where there are no beds, you can use several layers of old newspapers.

Sprinkle corn flour on the soil

Gluten contained in flour prevents seed germination. Pour a little corn flour on the soil, in the place where the main plant has already risen. It cannot be said that the method is absolutely reliable, but some of the weeds can still be defeated in this way.

A mixture of salt, vinegar and soap

Mix a bottle of vinegar, a glass of salt and a piece of soap, grated on the grater. Wait until the soap turns to foam, and pour the mixture into the spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the weeds. She does not have to like them.

Add alcohol

Alcohol causes dehydration not only in humans, but also in plants.Mix a glass of vodka with two glasses of water. You can add to the mixture of liquid soap. Sprinkle with this "cocktail" unnecessary plants. They are waiting for a very unpleasant "hangover".

Salt well

When the Romans destroyed Carthage, they covered the ground with salt, so that at the site of the city their main enemies would not grow for a long time. Use this ancient method in the fight against the exciting plot of weeds. Remember, salt is absorbed into the soil. Therefore, it is better to use this advice not on the beds themselves.

Add soda

Use it as salt. Add it between paving slabs and around the house. Plants will not destroy the paths and foundation.

Hand weeding

Perhaps the only way about which everyone knows. It is not the most pleasant and easy, but sometimes you can not do without it. Get your friends involved, and she will go faster. You can even arrange a competition who can destroy more weeds in an hour!