Recipes for fat burning wraps at home

Fat burning wraps at home - this is a great way to make the hips and abdomen slim and taut, and skin - smooth and elastic. There are many recipes for this procedure. What wraps are most effective, how to properly perform them?
fat burning wraps at home
Fat burning wraps at home
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Fat Burning House Wraps: General Recommendations

If you want to achieve maximum results, but do not harm your health, do not rush into the pool with your head. First, study the rules of implementation and contraindications, and only then proceed to the procedure.

Wraps can not be done if you have any female diseases. Also, this procedure is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, with varicose veins. Wraps cannot be made if there are sores on the skin or any other kind of damage.Of course, the procedure should be abandoned for pregnant girls. As for the critical days, at this time to hold wraps is not prohibited, but undesirable.

Before the procedure, it is very important to thoroughly treat the skin surface with a scrub, and immediately after it - take a shower and lubricate the skin with cream or body milk. Pay attention to the consistency of the mixture that you prepare for wrapping. It should be uniform, not too thick, but not flowing down from the skin. As a rule, people leave positive reviews about fat burning wraps. But these procedures will help only if everything is done correctly.

Recipes mixtures for fat burning wraps

Making wraps at home is easy! All you need is an hour of free time, a piece of cling film, a warm blanket, and a mixture prepared according to one of the following recipes:

  • Take 100 grams of ground coffee (insoluble) and add to it the amount of liquid honey to make a very thick gruel. Next, dilute the mixture with boiling water so that it can be easily applied to the stomach and thighs, but the mixture did not flow.
  • For better results, add red pepper to the above recipe. It should be added at the rate of half tsp. pepper on 100 g of coffee. Be sure to test the mixture on your hand! It should not burn too much. Otherwise, add more coffee, and gradually increase the dose of pepper.
  • Get laminaria in a pharmacy and fill it with hot water at the rate of 100 g of laminaria per 1 liter of water. Let the algae brew for 20 minutes and then apply it to the skin.
  • Take mustard powder and liquid honey in proportions 1: 2 and add to the mixture a little bit of any vegetable oil. If your skin is not sensitive, the amount of mustard can increase over time.

After the mixture is ready, apply it in an even layer on your problem area, wrap the body with cling film and lie under a warm blanket. After 45–60 minutes, rinse off under running water. Excess time of the procedure is not necessary. Please note: you do not need to use the same recipe all the time. You can alternate different types of wraps.

A regular fat burning wrap for the abdomen and hips will certainly give a good result.However, you can achieve the maximum effect if you add physical activity to your schedule and give preference to a proper and balanced diet. In any case, take care of yourself regularly, and you will certainly be satisfied with your reflection in the mirror.