Rainbow Bottle

In the master class, you will learn how to make arainbow bottle. Many saw such bottles when rested in the south; they sold bottles with a beautiful pattern of sand. This is a simple variant of such bottles and chalk is used instead of sand. You can try to make chalk not in layers, but make a drawing.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored chalk;
  2. shallow grater
  3. plate;
  4. bottle or bottle.

Step 1

Take the crayons and choose the colors that we will use. Next, grate in turn, grind the crayons and place them in bags.

Step 2

Now we take a bottle and pour crushed chalk into it. The order of colors can be any, and also, you can try to fill in some drawing.

When the bottle is full, close it with a cork or seal it with wax.

Allrainbow bottleis ready.