Publications by Natalia Pashchenko

How to parse the sentence in parts of speech? Analysis of sentences is one of the most common tasks in the Russian language lessons. Knowing what parts of speech are and how to identify them correctly, you can easily carry it out.
Every person has a situation when you need to know how to properly introduce yourself. Admission to a new job, phone calls, correspondence require proper acquaintance.
Horseback riding has become very popular. Before you sit in the saddle for the first time, you need to understand how to ride a horse to make it enjoyable to communicate with these beautiful animals.
How much a letter goes around Moscow depends on several factors. Knowing the requirements for the design of mail and the deadlines for the delivery of correspondence, you can easily calculate when the addressee receives your letter.
How to sew knitwear, including on a typewriter? Little tricks and tricks that will allow you to sew knitwear without any difficulty using the most common sewing machines.