Prayer for the Baptism of the Lord (Epiphany) January 18-19 before dipping into a hole and water

Orthodox prayer for the baptism of the Lord (Epiphany) is of particular importance and strength. Said on the night of Christmas Eve from January 18 to 19 or directly on the eve of the holiday, it allows you to call upon God's blessing and gives you the opportunity to ask heaven for good luck, money and health for yourself, children and relatives.

Prayer for the Baptism of the Lord (Epiphany) January 18-19 before dipping into a hole and water

Epiphany prayer, uttered before bathing at home or before dipping into a hole, helps cleanse the soul of negative emotions, and the heart of sinful desires. Words and phrases suitable for reading at this moment are listed below in the form of texts and videos. You can watch and listen to the right way to pronounce prayers, and then, on the day of the holiday, put this knowledge into practice and gain God's support.

The text of the prayer for the fulfillment of desire on the day of the Baptism of the Lord on January 19


In order for all dreams to come true and become a reality, you need to memorize the text of the prayer for the fulfillment of desire and on the day of the Baptism of the Lord on January 19, sincerely and wholeheartedly read it right in the morning, just getting out of bed. If the soul at this moment is pure, and thoughts are not darkened by negative, the heavens will hear the request and quickly fulfill it.

Options prayers for the fulfillment of desires in the Epiphany (Baptism of the Lord)


"Our Father, cause Thou art be in heaven! Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, Thou art in heaven and on earth. Give us our daily bread for us, as we owe it to our debts and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. "


“In Thy hand of great mercy, O my God, I entrust my soul and body, my feelings and verbs, my advice and thoughts, my deeds, and all my body and soul movements. My entrance and outcome, my faith and abode, the flow and demise of my stomach, the day and the hour of my breath, my repose, the repose of my soul and body.

You, O God, of the Premillocert, of the whole world with sins, unbreakable Grace, gentleness, Lord, me,more than all sinful men, receive in the ritse of your protection and deliver from all evil, cleanse many my iniquities, submit correction to the evil and accursed my life, and from the coming fall of the cruel always admire me, and in no case, when I provoke Your humanity, mine of demons, passions and evil people.

By the enemy, visible and invisible, forbid, guiding me in the saved way, bringing to You, my refuge and my desires. Grant me the demise of the Christian, shameless, peaceful, keep the air of evil spirits, at Your Last Judgment, graciously please Thy servant, and count Me on the right hand of Your blessed sheep, and with them I praise You, my Creator forever. Amen".


“My refuge and my protection, my God, in whom I trust! Deliver you from the net of the catcher and from the fatal ulcer. With your feathers you will overshadow, and under His wings you will be safe; shield and fence are His truth. The horrors of the night will not frighten you, the arrows that fly in the day, the plague that walks in the darkness, the contagion devastating at midnight. Thousands and ten thousand at your right hand will fall near you, and they will not touch you.

Only you will look with keen eyes with your eyes and you will see retribution to sinners.For you said: “The Lord is my hope,” you chose the Most High as your refuge. Evil will not happen to you, and the plague will not come near your abode, for it commands you to your angels - to protect you on all your paths. In the hands of carry you and not stumble on the stone of his foot. Step upon the asp and basilisk; you will trample on the lion and the dragon. Because he loved me, I will deliver him, I will save him, because he has known my name. He will call upon me and hear him, with him I am in grief, I will deliver him and honor him, with longness I will satisfy him and show him my salvation. ”

Strong prayer for the baptism of the Lord before bathing (dipping into the hole)


In order to dip into the hole successfully and bring the desired purification to the body and soul, you need to observe a special ritual. And it opens his strong prayer, which must be said at the baptism of the Lord before bathing.

Options for strong prayers before dipping into a hole in the day of the Baptism of the Lord

The simplest and most accessible text consists of just a few phrases, but its effectiveness is very high. Yes, and remember these words is no difficulty. You need to read the prayer in a certain order.Before the first dip, it is necessary to say: "In the name of the Father," the second time "And the son," the last one - "And the Holy Spirit! Amen".

A great prayer of the following content is considered appropriate for reading before the Epiphany bathing: “We magnify thee, / alive to Christ, / us for the sake of the flesh of the newborn / from Beznevestnyya and Prechisty Virgin Mary. Blessed is the man, who is not ide to the advice of the wicked. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. For the Lord's message is the path of the righteous, and the path of the ungodly will perish. Alleluia (thrice). Work the Lord with fear, and rejoice in Him with trembling. Alleluia (thrice). Blessed are all hopeful nan. Alleluia (thrice). Rise, Lord, save me, my God. Alleluia (thrice). The Lord is salvation, and in thy people is thy blessing. Alleluia (thrice). Glory to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit. And now and ever and forever and ever. Amen. Alleluia (six times). Glory to Thee, God (thrice). "

Among the strong and effective prayers are the Kontak and the Troparion of the Baptism of the Lord. These are long texts written according to the classics of the religious canon. When planning to read these words before bathing, it is recommended to download them in advance from the Internet and carefully memorize them.

Troparion, voice of the word: “In Jordan, there is a bow to it,” he said. and the world of the enlightened, glory to Thee. "

Kontak, voice 4:

“The evening has appeared universes, / and your light, Gospodi, was upon us, / in the mind of those who sin: / came to the esteem, and came to us, // light is impertinent”.


“Great, my soul, / to the Most Honorable of the kingdom of the host, // to the village of the Pure Mother of God. Everyone is wondering about the language of benevolence in the world, / the mind and premium Teacher, God the God, is astounded;


“The Lord Jesus of God, Son of God, the One-on-one, born to the Father, to all of the ages, to the Holy One from the Holy One, enlighten all, in the later summer from the Most Holy Dean Mary is not embodied in the same You didn’t suffer any more because of the impulse of man the way of a man, and now on the most holy day of the Epiphany.Yes, of course, every righteous man, and yes, mount the sins of all the world into the waters of the Jordanian, I am the Lamb of God, and in a way bring them to you and atone for you with the baptism of the Cross, the rest of the Crown. Wherefore pogruzivshusya thee in waters otverzoshasya You heavens Adam concluded and the Holy Spirit Snead on thee as a dove, education and deification wearing nature to ours, and Prebozhestvenny Father thy will show thee the heavenly voice of grace His, Zane made hast to do his will and that man of sin vospriyal hast And, to the slaughter, it was already foreseen by the skies, as if by itself, the skil: “Behold, love My Father, I believe my soul, and the packs will accept yu”, and so this world, you will be at your ease, and the world will enjoy the peace, and the world will love you. began the atonement of our foreboding from the fall of the ancestor. In the meantime, all the powers of heaven are glad, and all creatures have fun, often freeing themselves from the work of extermination, it is good: To receive enlightenment, to be grateful, to receive peace, to be enlightened and gladdened radically, the world will be enlightened and gladdened. May the sky and the earth rejoice, and the whole world play; rivers shine; sources and lakes, abysses and seas, and may rejoice, for by the divine baptism their nature is consecrated today.May ye and people please be glad, for it is their nature at every day that they pack together for the first kindness and with joy: Come mentally to Jordan, the vision in it is the following: Christ to Baptism is coming. Christ comes to Jordan. Our Christ in the water buries sins. Christ is stolen, and the deluded one comes and seeks and enters him into paradise.

God bless you and your friends, you will be able to take care of your life. wholeheartedly and faithfully, our guests are the best in the world; they are well known to the people; He hath poured out the earth, having justified by the grace of His messenger, we will live our lives in the Thy kingdom,with all the saints, let us glorify your all-holy Name with your original Father and with the Holy and Blessed and Giving Your Spirit now and forever and forever and ever. Amen".


"We magnify thee, / Zhivodavche Christ, / us for the sake of the now baptized flesh / from John // in the waters of the Jordan."

Epiphany prayers for reading before swimming in the ice-hole - examples on video

Orthodox prayer for the baptism of the Lord from the disease of adults and children


The Orthodox prayer for the baptism of the Lord, read aloud, from the sickness of adults and children, has special power. It protects against evil and evil forces, protects against damage, and acts as a healing agent, helping to get rid of chronic, chronic diseases.

Texts of Orthodox prayers for health on the day of the Baptism of the Lord

It is necessary to read the words, having in heart a sincere faith in God's help. Then the prayer will work, and in the very near future. The following phrases should be pronounced three times in a row, clearing the heart and thoughts of any negative.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God. On the holy feast of Baptism I pray thee for spiritual health. Cleanse me from bodily diseases and demonic seduction.Let the Vicar of the Epiphany wash away my sins, committed according to malice and oblivion. Thy will be done today, and for ever, and for ever and ever. Amen".


“Vladyko, the Almighty, holy Tsar, punish and not kill, claim descendants and raise casting, corporeal grieves, correct you, pray to You, O God, your servant (name of the river), non-existent, by Your mercy, forgive him at all our workforce. To her, Lord, your doctor's power from heaven, drop the touch, touch the body, extinguish the fire, tame the passion and any weakness lurking, wake up the doctor your servant (name), raise it from the bed of the sickly and from the bed of the embitternment whole and whole God, grant it to his Church, His Church, whole God, will grant it from the Church, whole and all perfect, grant it from its Church, whole and all perfect, grant it from its Church, whole and all perfect, grant it from its Church, whole and all complacent, grant it from the bed of sickness and from the bed of embitternation whole and all perfect. and doing thy will. Thou is there, he is sweet, and saves us, our God, and we give glory to You, to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen".


“Oh, Most Gracious God, Father, Son, and Holy Soul, worshiped and glorified in the indivisible Trinity, look at the grace of Thy servant (name), obsessed with illness; Send him all his trespasses. give him healing from the disease; Return to him the health and strength of his body. Give him a long and prosperous living,Your peaceable and conciliatory blessings, so that he together with us brings grateful prayers to You, the All-Bountiful God and my Creator. O most holy Mother of God, with all your intercession, help me to pray to your Son, my God, about the healing of the servant of God (name). All the saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for His sick servant (name). Amen".

Effective and faithful prayer for the baptism of the Lord for money and the attainment of wealth


According to old customs and tributes, all appeals to the Higher Forces on the eve of religious holidays are considered more effective and have the maximum number of chances to be heard. That is why people in these bright days are asking the sky not only about health, protection and solving their problems, but also about finding financial well-being. From the past, we received several effective and faithful prayers for the Epiphany of the Lord for money. Reading them you can enlist the support of heavenly patrons, attract material energy and become a financially independent person.

So that everything will come true, and, as soon as possible, it is better to pray after visiting the festive service in the church, and to enhance the ritual to use the consecrated water.At the same time, the heart must be clean and the head free from bad thoughts and negative. After reading the prayer words, it is appropriate to add a few phrases from yourself, explaining why the request is so desirable to be fulfilled.

Too much can not be demanded. Higher forces listen only to important appeals and satisfy only those needs that are in fact vital for a person. It is not worth expecting that wealth will suddenly fall upon you after the ritual. Assistance will be provided, but strictly within the framework of real needs. Provide yourself with the desired excesses will have your own efforts, and the help and support of Divine Providence will simply simplify this task a little.

Examples of prayer rituals for money in the baptism of the Lord

Shortly before the onset of Baptism, all family members must gather at a common table, count the money available in the house, accompanying this action with the following words:

The Lord God will appear to the world

And in my wallet money will be announced.

Key, lock, tongue.

Amen. Amen. Amen.


In order for money to always be kept and not to decrease, when taking the holy water from the church after the service, you need to mentally pronounce the following words:

I'm home to holy water

And you, money and luck, for me.

All the troubles and losses

Step on the other side.

Key, lock, tongue.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Water after the ritual must be brought home and saved until the next Epiphany of the Lord.


In order to attract good fortune and financial well-being, it is necessary to light a candle in the early morning, take a slice of black bread in your left hand, and in the right glass of holy water and say three times: “The true truth is that the Lord fed five breads, the true truth is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the true truth and that the Lord is just and merciful. I appeal to you, Lord, Slave (s) of God (s) (proper name), turn my luck towards me. And grief-by luck show the way to the serpent's womb. There is a place and housing for trouble. And I, the Slave (s) of God (s) (my own name) took the charm and wrap myself in gold-silver. My wealth is considered, not counted, and the grief and misfortune in life never know. I close the words with the key, and at the bottomless sea I throw it. Amen".

Then you need to eat the bread and drink it with water, and light a burning candle with two fingers touching the flame. Before noon, visit the temple, approach the icon of Christ the Savior, put a candle next to it, which was unburned during the ritual, and then set it on fire again.Turn to God in your own words and ask him to send fortune and money. Wait until the candle burns out completely, and return home. Until the evening, do not eat and try not to talk to anyone. To rite fulfilled, do not tell anyone about it.

The best prayer for the baptism of the Lord on the water - texts on the attraction of health, good luck and protection of higher powers


The best strong Orthodox prayer for the Baptism of the Lord made on water will help bring life and health to life, provide children and adults with protection of the Higher Forces. You can hold a ritual both on the eve of the holiday itself and on Christmas Eve on the night of January 18-19. It is also appropriate to say the prayer text before dipping into an ice hole or bathing in a bath if the state of health does not allow you to dive into the icy water of an open water body during the Epiphany.

How to pray on holy water on the day of the baptism of the Lord

Bring consecrated water from the temple, walk with it through all the rooms of the house, reading aloud the following prayer: "Holy water came into the house, well-being brought me. There will be losses this house will pass, there will be a prosperity to arrive every day.It will be good luck to accompany me in everything, I will never know anything bad. ”

For the entire festive night, leave the conspiracy water in the most important place of the house or apartment, and in the morning wash its face three times and hide it until the next Epiphany.


Over the water, consecrated in the temple, three times read the words: “I will consecrate the baptismal holy water in the night, I will let the angels inside. Let them pray to the Most Holy Theotokos to be here with their kindness. So that the Lord would not cast aside, he gave his intercession, sanctified his soul with a second baptism. Cleanse from sin, sanctify Yours for the ages! Amen". Then you can wash the child with this water in order to heal from spoilage, the evil eye and evil forces, or an adult person, in order to get rid of physical and mental illnesses and ailments.


In the morning, go to church and sanctify the water, buy three candles and go home without talking to anyone along the way. Cover the table with a clean white cloth, place a container of water in the center, and place candles on the edges and light them from one match. To concentrate and look closely at the water, then say: “As the thoughts of Christ are pure, so be my soul pure. As holy water is pure, so be my body pure.I wash myself, spoil myself, cleanse the spirit and body. Amen". Dip your hands in water and wash your face, and pour the rest in the bathroom on the head. This will help protect you from negatives in the coming year and protect you from spiteful critics.