Pierre Ducane: "My new diet is softer"

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You have come up with a new diet. Tell us how it differs from the classical method.
Pierre Dukan

I created a classic diet in collaboration with my patients, who really wanted to lose weight and do it quickly. They were ready to wait in line for several months in order to receive me at the reception, to pay for consultations several times. These people had a very strong motivation. When I wrote the book and it was sold all over the world, in front of me were no longer patients, but readers — people who need to lose less than 10 kilograms and without harm to their social life — parties, dinners with friends. They didn’t have such a strong desire to lose weight as my patients did, and they couldn’t afford to go on a diet for more than three days. For them, I developed a new soft method - “power ladder”. If you can not withstand the “attack”, and 8–9 kg prevent you from reaching the ideal weight, then the “ladder” is a very convenient and effective way to lose weight.In the first week you will be lighter by 1200 g, in the second - by another kilogram, in the third week 900 will leave, in the fourth - 800, and then you will lose 700 g for every next seven days. You can follow this program as long as you like until you achieve the proper result. And then it is necessary to consolidate success, that is, to adhere to the stages of "consolidation" and "stabilization" of my classical methodology.

A sugar substitute is very common in your recipes. Today, about this product that just do not say. It is considered very unhealthy.
Pierre Dukan

I use natural sugar substitutes from the extract. And stevia, and other similar products are not dangerous. Yes, the persecution of sweeteners go. Rumor has it that all these horror stories are ordered by manufacturers of sweet products. But, be that as it may, no research has proven that this supplement is harmful.