How to name a squirrel

How to name a squirrel? Olga Izvekova March 7, 2013 The squirrel was not always called a squirrel in Russia. Previously, it was called Mys, Vekshey or Veveritsa. And the name veveritsa was the most common. So why was the squirrel called the squirrel?

Where to find a child

Where to find a child? Unfortunately, not all couples can have children. Then there is a very difficult question that requires a responsible decision - "Where to find a child for adoption?". The only answer is to go to the baby house or the.

How to change music

How to change music? In life, there are occasionally situations when it is necessary to somehow make changes in musical compositions. Sometimes the music needs to be cut, accelerated or slowed down, made quieter or louder, put several tracks together or put them on.

How to call a house

How to call a house? A house is not only a place of residence and shelter protecting from the outside world, but also an indicator of the social status of its owners. The house can also be given its name to emphasize its style.

What is a collider

What is a collider? Tamara Kovalenko March 26, 2013 World discoveries occur constantly. A person seeks to understand why certain processes occur. One of the most interesting discoveries was the Higgs Boson and the collider. What is a collider? Let's talk about this below.

Why do men cry

Why do men cry? Kristina Firsova April 2, 2013 That's all they say that men do not cry. But you, probably, nevertheless had to observe a completely opposite picture. In order to understand why men cry, it is necessary to understand what the causes.

What is a bill

What is a bill? Galina Uneasy November 29, 2012 Every person has ever heard the word "bill". But, probably, not everyone understands its value. And this is not at all surprising, because not everyone is faced with the design of debt receipts, so they.

Who is He

Who is He? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Anna Piskunova ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������February 26, 2015 In ancient times, people worshiped various deities. These deities, in turn, formed a whole system in which each was endowed with its own functions. There was such a system in ancient Egypt. One of.


Antenna Good evening, recently bought a room antenna to watch digital channels, but as it turned out, a dvb t2 receiver is not built in our TV, tell me what to do? There are 5 answers Viktorovich Answered on January 3 21:42 I would.

Who are the haters and why are they attacking us

Who are the haters and why are they attacking us A Washington journalist journalist couple once conducted a simple experiment: a man and a woman published their articles simultaneously on one page and later analyzed the comments they received in response to publications. It.

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