New "Twin Peaks": always to view

Already four episodes of the third season of the Twin Peaks TV series have already been posted on the Amedia Library. Those who have already looked, sighed with relief: David Lynch holds the mark and oppression of his surrealistic line.

After a break of twenty-five, having returned to the cult TV series, the director does not flirt with the audience, does not throw flashbacks and does not make young characters. Lynch came up with a fresh story, within which lives the same story. New characters are no less interesting, age-related changes of familiar heroes are natural, because in the world of Twin Peaks a quarter century has passed.

After the breakup, David Lynch and Mark Frost did not stun the audience when they met with fanfare. “Attention, we are finally back!” - this is not the wait for the series. The continuation starts as ordinary as if Lynch and Frost smoothly switched to the third season right after Fire Walk With Me.

New "Twin Peaks": always to view

Dreams and the other world, the theme of duality and mysterious figures, annoying electrical discharges, music by Angelo Badalamenti,red curtains and parquet with black-and-white zigzags borrowed from Jean Cocteau's Orpheus - all of the favorite Lynch themes and codes work in the new season not with nostalgic inertia, but with new force

It's nice to see that Agent Cooper's twin loves coffee, the sheriff’s management plans to start an investigation by buying donuts, and the log can still share insights with Margaret Lanterman. But apart from these cozy details at the level of memes, new images appear that catch on from the first series. For example, the mysterious glass box, a certain portal in the center of New York, connected with the Black Wigwam. Sometimes the old codes work in the new version. Instead of Julie Cruz, Ruth Radelet from Chromatics now sings on the nightclub scene, but the air from this music becomes as crystal as before.

The geography of the series has expanded. If earlier skeletons fell out of each cabinet in a small Twin Peaks, now the action is developing not only in the chamber town, but also in New York and South Dakota, in fact, covering the whole of America. David Lynch, who has always made a movie about America, continues as the most American of all American directors.

If in the first season, the mystical series mimics a soap opera with elements of a detective story, now mystical horror and even a sci-fi genre with laconic interiors of the mysterious center of observation of a glass cube in a city of skyscrapers brighter.

New "Twin Peaks": always to view

Agent Cooper is stuck in the Black Wigwam, and his cool counterpart looks like a parody of Antonio Banderas from Desperate. The hand has evolved into a talking tree, the headmaster dreams about the murder of the librarian, and the deputy sheriff Hawk follows the directions of the log. All this is as natural as the most strange and terrible things are natural in a dream.

In the third season, the most valuable is preserved: the unique atmosphere of the series, in which it is so fascinating to decode the details, the mystic mixes with irony, and half the mysteries do not want to find an answer.

But the new “Twin Peaks” is not canned, designed to remind the taste of a fresh product, but a live movie, original film text, in which Lynch never once arched and changed himself

Perhaps for some it will be a minus, because the director didn’t seem to notice the progress of television (over 25 years, at least some good TV shows have appeared).But who, if not Lynch, can allow himself to remain himself with all his irrationality. After all, even at a relaxed jam session with Moby, David Lynch plays the guitar in a white ironed shirt buttoned to the throat: otherwise he is uncomfortable, otherwise he is not.