New brands of clothing that the real woman of fashion should know

Julia Manukova

Julia Manukova,
stylist, fashion editor


Zara, Topshop, Mango ... Do you feel that you are walking around the same circle in search of the “dream thing”? The time has come to take the newbies into service, especially since I want to talk about these standing up, actively gesticulating. And all because we are impressed and in love - now is your turn!

Olivia Rose The Label

The brand's business card is handmade blouses and unreal beauty. They read the love of designer Olivia Rose for the Victorian era, but with an obvious modern cut and charming coquetry. In one of the interviews, the designer admitted that she loves tops and considers them as the main thing of any wardrobe, around which it is easy to create any kind of images. It's hard to argue with this, but the first thing that comes to mind is to wear a sexy blouse with your favorite blue jeans and run to the Friday cocktail.