Named the most popular baby names of 2017

As well as the most rare, invented by very creative parents.

At the end of the year it is customary to sum up. The capital's administration of the registry office tradition has supported and compiled a list of children's names, which have become the most popular this year. It turns out that in 2017 girls preferred to be called Sophia. This name, by the way, became the most popular not only in our country, but also in the world. Sophia ousted from the first line of the rating of Anastasius, who were in the lead since the 90s of the last century. Now the top 10 most fashionable girls' names look like this: Sofia (Sophia), Maria, Anastasia, Anna, Victoria, Daria, Elizabeth, Polina, Barbara and Alisa. Among the rare names - Love, Valentina, Nina, Lyudmila, Oksana, Lydia, Galina, Antonina, Alla, Zoya, Inna.

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Boys in the 90s preferred to be called Sasha. And now this name has only slightly lost its position: at the end of the last century, every 12th child was called Alexander, now every 20th child was called. Top 10 most popular boyish names: Alexander, Artem, Maxim, Ivan, Mikhail, Daniil (Danil, Danil), Dmitry, Kirill, Andrey, Yegor.Leonid, Stanislav, Vitaly, Boris, Valery, Anatoly, Valentin, Arkady and Gennady became rare.

As noted by the head of the Moscow Civil Registry Office, Irina Muravyova, in choosing male names, parents show more conservatism than in choosing female ones. Therefore, the list of the most fashionable girls' names has been updated by 50 percent compared to last year, and the boyish ones only by a third.

Well, no frills, of course, not done. In Moscow, for example. Laurel and Achilles were born. The company they were Potam and two Thomas. The parents decided to name one girl Uma, and Ophelia, Soren and Juno appeared in two. Another of the rarities - Elizabeth, Francesca, Paola, Julia and Iris. From the well forgotten old - Zinaida. As it turned out, foreign or mixed families give children more exotic names. And Muscovites prefer traditional and Greek versions. And some parents follow the requirements of fashion. For example, in the Crimea, a newborn boy was called Bitcoin. Apparently, it will be affectionately called the cue ball.

December 31, 2017Natalya Evgenieva
a guest02.01.18 14:57

Why is Valeria's name not popular ??? This is a very beautiful name !!!

a guest02.01.18 17:58

because you need to be able to read

a guest09.01.18 14:17

A normal name, and you seem to be talking like that, Anton

a guest10.01.18 12:20

And I have granddaughters Akim.

a guest10.01.18 16:20

And we have a grandson of Volodya, and granddaughter Uliana

a guest15.01.18 22:15

And we have a daughter, Alina, and a son, Micah

a guest24.01.18 14:27

I am Lily. And I really like this name.

a guest06.03.18 15:37

But Gregory is my only ’apparently not called that way •

a guest04.01.18 10:30

Awful name!

a guest09.01.18 20:40

My name is Valeria, but I do not like my name

a guest12.01.18 06:50

I am Daria, and I also do not like Pts

a guest02.01.18 18:54

Some parents are idiots, in pursuit of something unusual, they don’t think about children at all, as you can call your child Bitcoin, and crazy is a Kazakh name

a guest04.01.18 09:56

Alexei forgot to call.

a guest09.01.18 14:15

You are Alexey

a guest08.01.18 13:33

Sofia - Sofa

Sofya - Sonya


Also annoying when they write or speak to the daughter Sophia Sonya

a guest10.01.18 13:19

In vain bothers you, calm down, this is a completely normal diminutive name

a guest10.01.18 13:17

This is the same name. Sofia is the canonical form of the name, and Sophia is the folk version. Diminutive forms of the name in any case Sonya and Sofa.

a guest11.01.18 13:39

Sofia and Sofia are exactly the same names! And Sonya and the Sofa will be diminutive to them.

a guest08.01.18 13:36

Rare names were given to children many years ago. For example, my mother (born in 1930in Siberia) called (absolutely Russian parents) Italian name Gemma. In life, no one ever called her by her surname or patronymic. Just Gemma. Because the second person with that name was not in the afternoon with fire)). However, many years later, yet another Gemma appeared in the country, it seems she was leading on TV.