A naked chest for show is no longer a taboo?

I remember that in November Vogue magazine announced the end of the era of decollete, and some magazines trusted the fashion guru so much that they even released materials with loud headlines “Chest is no longer in fashion!”. But something tells us that with this prediction, Vogue did make a mistake then, and in the near future, the chest would not just not give up, but would show itself many times - both literally and figuratively!

What is common between the fashion show that has recently ended in Paris Haute Couture, the protests of the Femen women's movement, support for public breastfeeding on social networks, which is being joined by more and more celebrities, and street style of popular models Kendall Jenner and sisters Hadid? In all these cases, as an element to attract attention, there is a bare chest, around which the rest of the story unfolds - about fashion, about politics, about taking care of children or about their own style. Such a frank and gaining momentum popularization of naked breasts is not just another seasonal trend,and an easily readable desire to liberalize this part of the body on all fronts - through clothing, manifestations, photos, and social networks.

It could be concluded that everything started with the #FreeTheNipple movement, or “Free the nipple”, but in fact these actions simply became the most odious and media, so even the most conservative media didn’t pass by. Transparent dresses and tops on the catwalks have been around for more than a decade, and it’s not for the first year that celebrities have shocked the public with their breasts with clothes for show (recall the same Kate Moss twenty years ago or everyone remembered Rianna’s brilliant dress). But the difference between 2017 and previous decades lies in the fact that fashion today does not simply show us how beautiful it is to bare the chest, but pushes us to the fact of open breast demonstration that we stop seeing something supernatural.