Mother of five children lost 115 pounds after giving birth

Simone Gately, 35 years old. She goes to the gym before dawn, takes care of her family and eats properly. And she is absolutely beautiful.

Looking at Simona Gately's Instagram, I want to immediately go for liposuction of everything, sign up for a 24-hour crossfit at the gym, wrap a refrigerator with barbed wire and sew up my mouth with hard threads. You will feel it now too, we promise.

Her day begins at five in the morning. Simona, mother of five children, never misses workouts. She manages to take care of a three-year-old Minnie, a five-year-old India, a seven-year-old Blossom, an eight-year-old Chester, and a ten-year-old Summer. In addition, on Instagram, she tells (and shows) how to get in shape after the birth. He also plans to acquire a channel on YouTube - in order to promote fitness ideas further.

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About how to do this, Simone knows firsthand. After the first birth, she weighed almost 40 kilograms more than before pregnancy. And she took to clean up.And at the same time to inspire others to accomplishments - in just six months over 20 thousand subscribers appeared on her Instagram. And everyone is just fascinated by how amazing mother of many children looks like.

- My most popular posts are about fitness. But I publish family photos too, says Simon. - To raise several children and at the same time to lead a healthy lifestyle is not a problem for me. But I know that for many this is difficult. And so I am here to help.

Simon says he tries to walk as much as possible. Together with children, she rides a bike, goes hiking.

“We prefer to spend time on the air instead of sitting at home and playing on the computer,” says Simon.

In this case, the fiton mom does not live in the gym at all. Where does this time come from when there are five children in their arms?

- I try to show everyone that it is not at all necessary to go to the gym to have a flat stomach and tight muscles. But fitness should set the tone for your life, says Simon.

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She goes to the gym twice a week. In the mornings, when the children are still asleep - getting up at five, remember? The rest of the time she trains at home herself.This is enough to eight dice on the press did not swim. Why, there is enough to look perfect! There are no such women.

“I use children dumbbells together,” Simon shrugs. - For example, put on my back when I push out. They think it's scary fun.

Well, plus a healthy diet, of course. According to mommy, thanks to fitness and diet, she is always full of energy, even with five children she manages to keep up everything and there is still a little bit of time left.

“This is amazing,” the beauty herself believes.

Children study together with their parents - from an early age they love long walks and do exercises.

However, Simon was not always a fiton mom.

“When I was pregnant with Summer, I ate so much that I gained at least thirty kilograms,” she says. “But soon after giving birth, I quickly lost weight — after ten months we had a wedding, and this is a great motivation.”

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Simon calculated - for her five pregnancies in total, she gained 114 kilograms. But managed to part with them - thanks to his love for the sport.

- People write me such wonderful comments.But I want to show that I am just an ordinary mother who trains and eats properly.

Proper nutrition for Simon is only freshly prepared food, lack of refined products such as bread and pasta, sweets and pastries.

And by the way, now Simon weighs 50 kilograms and wears clothes of the sixth size. For comparison - before her experiments with sports, she weighed 88 kilos and wore 14th size. Impressive, right?

Simone's menu

Breakfast: fruit, yogurt, granola and two boiled eggs.

Dinner: cereals, lettuce, salmon or chicken.

Dinner: fish or turkey meatballs with grilled vegetables.

Snacks: oatmeal cookies and popcorn.