Metal doors

My parents live in Kaluga and want to change the front door. Mom wants to install a metal door, but that she had a neat appearance and noise insulation. Advise where you can find such doors at an affordable price?
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Answered on February 26 14:20
I would recommend you to pay attention to the doors of the company "ELBOR", these are steel doors with good fittings and protection system.
Answered on February 26 14:55
I also plan to change the door, because we have a wooden door and unreliable. Previously, my wife was sitting on maternity leave, and I somehow did not really think about security. Now we have no one in the apartment during the day, everyone is at work, we arrive late. Therefore, I believe that we need a reliable door. On the Internet I found a website where there are interesting options for metal entrance doors and the price suits me perfectly. I think I’ll order it here.
Answered on February 26 15:05
Good metal doors can not be cheap. Of course, it is best to put an expensive front door and not return to this issue for a long time.