Meditation: technology and other nuances

A large amount of information, stress, life circumstances lead to the fact that a person is in constant tension. As a result, irritability appears, flares become more frequent. You can relax and temporarily disconnect from problems with the help of meditation. The techniques developed by gurus and yoga masters are simple and feasible for beginners. All that is needed is a quiet place and 15 minutes. of time. Before doing the exercises we will analyze the techniques of meditation and learn about other nuances.

How to prepare for meditation?

Exercise requires concentration and concentration. If you do not know how to disconnect from the environment, then spend the first lessons in silence. Or choose music for meditation. Soft melodies, animal sounds, murmur of water will suit.

Meditation: technology and other nuances

How to prepare for meditation?

  1. Forget about the rush. Meditation requires calm and peace. If you are in a hurry, late for work, a business meeting or a first date, then postpone the exercise.In this state, you will get irritation, but not a relaxing effect.
  2. Regularity. To get the result, beginners are recommended to use the technique of meditation every day. Then reduce the number of sessions to 2 times a week. Make a meditation schedule. Exercises performed haphazardly, will not bring relief and comfort.
  3. Choose a place. If the house is not a quiet corner, then conduct sessions on the street. A bench in a park or a log in the forest is suitable for meditation. You can also meditate in the office at the workplace. The main thing is to get focused, and it was relatively quiet.
  4. Comfort. The criterion concerns the choice of clothing. It should not prick, constrain movement and cause other inconveniences. To comfort are smells, sensations. If negative moments are associated with the chosen place, then you will not be able to relax. The sharp smell of the spirits of a colleague, aromas from coffee shops and other irritants distract from meditation.
  5. Select a pose. Beginners are confident that meditation begins with mastering the lotus position. In fact, this position is used by mentors to fix the human body. Some technicians are so relaxing that a person falls asleep during a session.A lotus position does not allow to disconnect. If you chose her, keep your back straight. Straighten your shoulders, open your palms and direct towards the sun. If you do the exercises sitting, then with your entire foot rest against the floor, thus connecting with the force of the earth.

Meditation: technology and other nuances

You will not be able to take into account all the nuances at once. Go to practice, and understanding will come during the exercise. Each person is individual and requires certain conditions for concentration. Watch the video lessons on meditation. Visual aid helps to choose the right posture and catch the difficult moments.

Beginner Meditation Techniques

It is not necessary to understand the philosophy and ideology of the direction in order to meditate. Previously, such exercises were used only in religion and carried the worship of a deity. Today, meditation has turned into social masses and is used as a way of relaxation and a short respite for the brain.

Meditation: technology and other nuances

Among the variety of exercises, there are three techniques of meditation for beginners:

  1. Deep breathing. Novices begin with this technique, plus experienced meditators use it. To start, select 15 minutes. free time, then adopt a comfortable posture.Now take an observant position, look at the body from the side. Pay attention to how the breathing process is carried out, what happens as the chest moves. Remember these feelings. After 3-4 minutes. feel the relaxation. Go to the breath and count. Mentally say "one" and take a deep breath. Then count to four and make an exhalation on the score "two". Apply the technique for 10 minutes. At the same time, concentrate solely on breathing.

    In order not to be distracted for a while, pick up the musical accompaniment in advance and set the tracks on a timer. After the end of the exercise, do not jump immediately.

    Let the body and mind calmly return to their previous state. The breathing technique helps to overcome stresses, problems, and cheerfulness.
  2. Concentration. The basis of technology is the delayed attention on the object. Choose any item. For the first classes, fire, running water, a clock arrow will do. Good eye catches the flame of a burning candle. The complexity of the technique lies in the fact that you need to relax the body and free the mind, but at the same time concentrate on one object.Exercise is useful because the brain processes a large amount of information per minute, jumping from one picture to another. As a result, we miss the important, and do not know how to focus on the main thing. Spend classes with a candle at home. To do this, exclude light sources: turn off the lights, close the curtains. Light a candle, settle comfortably. The flame must be at arm's length from a person. Now concentrate on the fire, trying not to blink. If your eyes are watering, don't worry, this is normal. This technique helps to restore vision. Think only about the flame, fill them with consciousness. Then close your eyes and call the image of a burning candle. Concentrate exclusively on this object. Then open your eyes and end the session with deep breaths.Meditation: technology and other nuances
  3. Body awareness. Exercise uses relaxation and meditation. We are not familiar with the body, do not understand the processes occurring inside. Relaxation lies in the awareness of the body, from the roots of the hair to the fingers on the legs. This session helps you to concentrate. When performing exercises it is important to take a seated posture so as not to fall asleep.Then straighten your back and practice deep breathing. Imagine that with every exhalation out of you goes all the negative: negative thoughts, bad state of health, constant tension. Look at your toes and mentally carry your breath into this area. Listen to the sensations of what is happening at this moment. Fill the selected area with warmth and energy. Feeling the relaxation, transfer the stored heat to the body, tending to the crown. Now the body is filled with energy and positive charge. This technique helps to cope with the upcoming difficulties. Do exercises before a difficult day.

Meditation for beginners includes a variety of techniques. The main task of the lessons is to get acquainted with the inner self and understand it. Having established a clear connection, you will learn to switch off or concentrate at the right time. As a result, the work of the brain is activated, the feeling of anxiety disappears, the person calms down.

How to focus attention?

The first thing a newcomer faces is the inability to focus on one task. Our brain is used to the constant change of images and a large amount of information. Because of this untrained mind quickly switches.After 5 minutes. concentration beginner begins to understand what he thinks about the plans for the day, recalls childhood, worries about how well he meditates, he dreams of steep results. To concentrate, you have to resort to technicians who stop the monologue with himself.

Meditation: technology and other nuances

How to focus attention?

  1. Fixation on the palms. During meditation, take the lotus position, open your hands and look at them. It is important to look at the brush at the same time. Translation from one hand to another will not give the result. If everything is done correctly, then in time you will feel a pleasant emptiness.
  2. The game of pads. The second exercise is more difficult. To do this, touch the other with the pad of your thumb in turn. Then the actions are repeated in the reverse order. On the second hand, do the same touches, just connect three fingers (large, index and middle). Get simultaneous execution. Concentration on the exercise will help to eliminate the flow of thoughts.

Meditation: technology and other nuances
Using techniques, memorize sensations when the brain was not overwhelmed with thoughts. During meditation, call these states and try to delay as long as possible.

Meditation OSHO - technology for experienced

It is used to destroy the patterns that are stored in the mind. Allows you to throw off the shackles of the past and break free. Runs within an hour. The best result is achieved in group classes.

Meditation: technology and other nuances

The OSHO meditation consists of 5 stages:

  1. The first exercise is breathing. Close your eyes and practice noisy, quick breathing through your nose. Focus exclusively on the exhale. Breathe intensely, help the body. Continue until you have merged with the breath. In 10 minutes. Feel that you are full of energy, it rises and looks for a way out.
  2. The second stage is to release emotions. Open the bolts and throw out everything. To begin to help small movements of the body. Sing, cry, cry, run. For a while, get crazy, don't connect your brain to this process.
  3. The third stage is jumping. Raise your hands up, lift yourself off the floor and say the mantra "Hu." Stand on the floor with your entire foot, invest with all your strength in each jump. The sound of the blow direct to the sexual center. Exercise is performed intensively, until complete exhaustion. Each stage takes 10 minutes.
  4. The fourth stage is a pause. It is necessary to stand still without changing posture.Nothing should provoke the output of accumulated energy. In this position it is necessary to stand for 15 minutes. Realize what is happening to you at the moment.
  5. The fifth stage is a holiday. Accompanied by dancing and music. Movements express all that you feel at the moment. Carry a charge of energy and vigor through the whole day.

Meditation: technology and other nuances

OSHO meditation is done only in the morning. If you cannot make noise in the chosen place, then say the mantra to yourself, accompany the second stage only with body movements, perform the dance without music.

Love meditation

Used to attract love. Exercises begin with work on yourself. You will not meet a soul mate if you are gloomy and angry. Give love and kindness to strangers on the street. This does not mean that you need to hug and kiss them. Just mentally send people love, warmth, smile.

The search for love is shaped by the laws of the universe. Everything that we send to it, we receive in triple size. Give people good emotions, take care of nature, stray animals, and wish everyone love.

To remove blocks that do not allow feelings in your heart, believe in unconditional love.Accept others as they are. The result is not long in coming.

In the most unexpected moment, you will meet a life partner.

Take care of the visualization. Imagine sitting in a cafe near the seashore and watching passersby. Men and women compliment you, thank you in return. The next company comes up and among them, you meet your destiny. Perform an exercise on visualization for a month, spending 3 minutes. in a day.

To attract love and new relationships into your life - meditate. First relax, then imagine that you are among close people. Feel the state of calmness and harmony, listen to others, they wait for love, happiness, tranquility. Give your loved ones these feelings, then go to strangers. Imagine the rays of love coming out of your heart. Exercise is not limited in time. When finished, just open your eyes.