Mastectomy at the Docrates Clinic

- This is an operation to remove the mammary gland, appointed in some cases, if the woman confirmed the diagnosis "breast cancer».

In essence, this operation involves not only the complete removalmammary gland, but also adjacent tissues - the muscles of the chest and lymph nodes, through which the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. Fifteen years ago, a radical removal of the breast during the detection of cancer was the only possible way to stop the development of the disease. Today, to such drastic measures asmastectomythey do not resort in each case of detection of the disease, but only when a thorough examination gives one result: an organ-preserving operation does not guarantee the desired effect, and the disease can return. More gentle surgery will not help if the tumor has spread to all breast tissue or the size of the lesion is large enough in relation to the size of the breast.

Mastectomy breast restoration

Such an operation is, of course, a psychological stress for a woman, both because of the immediate serious illness and because of the loss of the aesthetic appearance of the breast. But modern medical technologies make it possible not only to save the patient from cancer, but also to perform a one-step or later plastic surgery to reconstruct the mammary gland.

For example, in the Finnish clinicDocrateswhich specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, an oncoplastic surgeon works with oncologists and psychologists, whose task is not only to effectively remove the cancer, but also to restore the most aesthetic appearance of the breast.

Mastectomy- technically difficultoperationcharacterized by a number of features. The experience that distinguishes the oncoplastic surgeons of the Docrates Clinic allows us to guarantee a positive result to the patients. Moreover, for the speedy restoration and consolidation of the effect for each client, an individual program of physiotherapy and lymphotherapy, clinical nutrition and is developed. An important help is provided by a professional psychologist.A significant advantage is the fact that patients from Russia receive the full range of consultative diagnostic and treatment-rehabilitation services in Russian.

Docrates - Quality Treatment

Dokrates is a full-cycle clinic - here they not only advise, diagnose and select the optimal method of therapy and surgical treatment, but also do breast reconstruction. In plastic surgery, implants or the patient's own tissues are used.

He works in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It is the only private oncology clinic in Scandinavia, which, thanks to its many years of high performance, is the leading specialized medical institution in Scandinavia and in Europe. Docrates offers his patients only the most modern and effective methods of diagnosis andcancer treatmentwith the subsequent rehabilitation. The clinic has a brilliant team of doctors and highly qualified staff. The clinic also conducts research activities.