Male Style

On such an important day as the wedding, many believe that only the bride and her image are the object of attention. But still, we should not forget that for the groom it is such a crucial day. Therefore, to prepare their appearance men should be treated with all the importance.

Items of particular importance in the exterior of the groom are considered to be cufflinks, a butterfly or tie, wrist watches and other accessories .
However, it is important not only to choose the most profitable accessories, but also to be able to successfully combine them. This article is dedicated to various combinations of their combinations.

Ties are different - white, blue, red ...
Often, an image of a tie is immediately formed in your head at the very first mention about the men's accessory. This is due to the fact that for many years a tie is an obligatory part of a men's business suit.A man who follows fashionable trends and inner taste will definitely choose this accessory, following certain existing canons.
One of such unshakable rules is the combination of a shirt with the tie itself. So, shirts "a la" dudes or shirts with patterns should be balanced with a calm, more traditional monochromatic tie. And vice versa: we dilute the classic shirt with an accessory with a print. But a silk tie will suit both a traditional look and a more stylish dress.
Speaking specifically about this season, extravagant ties with various prints will be most relevant. On one accessory even several drawings of various types can be combined. But do not forget about the sense of proportion. After all, even an ideal image can only be spoiled by an almost imperceptible stroke.
Stylish alternatives to tie
Butterflies and bow ties are becoming popular this season.With the help of this type of accessory, you can add some zest to the image, in the form of an aristocratic hint. However, when picking up a butterfly, you should remember that it can both emphasize the look of the groom and look out of place.
In the trend of this season, headscarves are rapidly entering. Often choose this alternative creative tie for nature. The cravat (ascot), pulled into a graceful knot, fastened with a pin, will look stylishly.

Recommendations on trifles
As for the Buttons, this season will not bring anything, something new. As before, the combination of a bride's bouquet with a boutonniere composition will be ideal.
Designer tie holders and cufflinks are a great addition to the image. Such important trifles should be selected, starting from the style of the costume, tie and the general theme of the wedding.
You should not leave without attention and belts for trousers. The most beneficial product will be leather.However, attention is focused, as a rule, only on one of the accessories in order to avoid excess.