Making the perfect oriental makeup

The East, as is known, is a delicate matter, which has always attracted us with its secrets, riddles and, of course, with oriental beauties, who have always been able and knew how to please a man. And, despite the fact that Eastern women have always been distinguished by their modesty, this does not prevent them from fascinating and attracting admiring glances of men. How do they do it?

This amazing combination of modesty and seductiveness, in many respects, contributes to the special eye makeup, which today is called "eastern". The special technique and colors used in it can turn the most ordinary girl into a real beauty, emphasize her virtues and make her eyes incredibly expressive.

Beautiful girl

The secrets of the beauty of Eastern women today can be used by any modern woman, it doesn’t matter what nationality or race she is, the result will be impressive in any case. If you also strive to give your face oriental expressiveness, as well as to show off a bright personality, then this type of makeup is exactly for you.

To transform oneself in this way, it is not necessary to turn into a sorceress or take lessons from eastern women, it is enough to master a few, fairly simple, subtleties of oriental visage. If you are interested in the question of how to make an oriental make-up, then sit down as comfortable as possible, and listen, we have collected all the main points for you.

Discover the secrets of the beauty of Oriental ladies

It turns out that the concept of "oriental make-up" hides several basic subspecies, each of which is unique and performed by a special technique. There are such subspecies: Arabic, Japanese, Indian and Chinese.


The most simple and favorite is considered to be Arabic makeup, because to make it with your own hands is quite simple, and the result is simply fascinating! Sensual, seductive, bright eyes that are ready to captivate any man. For a long time, Arabian makeup was used mainly by women who danced oriental dances, but today it is increasingly becoming popular in everyday life.

The only thing that should be considered is an important feature of this make-up: the result is really bright and juicy,so it is more appropriate to use it somewhere in a disco or a theme party, but not for a walk in the park or for work.

Arabic makeup allows you to experiment, you can use a variety of colors and shades to create it, as long as they are perfectly combined with the color of your skin and eyes. Despite the diversity of the scale, Oriental women know how to observe a precious sense of proportion that does not allow to look vulgar. This moment is very important if you want to get a really beautiful result.

Choose a color palette

Classic makeup in the oriental style is performed in green, purple, brown, gold and turquoise, the shadows can be, as matte, and with a pleasant sheen, the latter, of course, preferable.

Focus on the eyes

Also in the process of creating the image can be used the biggest passion of Eastern women - sparkles and rhinestones, which they can complement not only makeup, but also hairstyles, clothes. Choosing a color palette for your own image, you must start from the color of your own eyes.

For example, girls with dark eyes should prefer blue, chocolate, black, golden, red and brown shades.But for owners of rare blue and green eyes, lighter tones will suit, for example, blue, lilac, purple, bronze, gray or pink.

The main secret of such make-up is a constant mixture of colors, but it is important that this combination is harmonious and as relevant as possible. Do not forget that the black liquid eyeliner is also an indispensable component of the correct Arabic makeup.

Arabic makeup. Where to begin?

To get the perfect result, you need to start with the alignment and correction of the skin, paying special attention to the area around the eyes, thanks to this basis you will get rid of bags under the eyes, as well as small facial wrinkles. Try layers of foundation and powder to apply evenly to create the effect of a matte face.

Famous actress

Now pay attention to the eyebrows - another important point of this technique, they should turn out bright and clear, with a perfect shape and neat hairs. Eyebrows can be adjusted as a pencil, and shadows, they will have to highlight, regardless of whether you are blonde or brunette, in this Arabic makeup dictates its own rules.Further proceeds to the most important thing - to the eyes.

To begin, most likely, it will be with pearly shadows, special attention should be paid to the inner corners of the eyes, which will help create a deep and mysterious look. Shadows must be applied with a thick brush with a dense and saturated layer, light shades are mixed with dark tones, gently shading, because our task is to increase the depth of gaze.

Arrows on the upper and lower eyelids should be perfectly even, clear, with a slight bend, which will harmoniously repeat your natural incision of the eyes. It is the arrows that help create the final touch that is so necessary in the eastern make-up.

It should be saturated

If you want to give your eyes an almond shape, then neat arrows draw along the upper and lower eyelids, without playful and twisting tips. Further we are engaged in eyelashes.

If you have ever looked at photos of oriental beauties, then you probably paid attention to their long, thick and twisted cilia, which ideally complete the image and give the look a little languid.

Very beautiful

If your natural eyelashes leave much to be desired, it does not matter,we get bunches of false eyelashes and gently glue them along the contour of the eyelid; we create their maximum cluster directly in the outer corners of the eyes. If our cilia are good, then just paint them in two layers with black ink, we do not regret, as a result they should be clearly visible.

Sensual lips and light blush - a must

Blush should not destroy all your work, so stop your choice on light and warm shades, the colors of your own tan, do not overdo it, your cheekbones should not be too catchy. The final moment is, of course, lips.

Remember, they should not be bright, because in oriental make-up the main thing, it's the eyes. Choose a gloss or lipstick of gentle and soft tones, ideally if the shade will be slightly lighter than your real lip color.

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