Luxuriously! 10 sets of linen for real princesses chose the most romantic, chic and elegant sets from spring-summer collections!

You can look luxurious in underwear without even having perfect model proportions. It's all about color, cut and, of course, in the details! Want to be like a princess or even a queen? Then study our selection of the most spectacular and royally refined sets of underwear. Sure, Kate Middleton and Queen Leticia are wearing something like that.

Colour.To create an image of a seductive princess is best to choose sets of pastel shades. Pink, blue, pistachio, cream - these colors are perfect!

The cut.Modest sets you just do not fit, if you want to look no worse than the royal person. High-fitting panties, bralettes and belts for stockings do not exist for convenience, but to create extremely sexy and luxurious boudoir images!

Details.Do not bypass the "rich" lace and floral side appliqués. They will help to achieve the desired entourage.And of course, floral prints: while creating the image of a princess without it, nowhere.