Lease a car

I have my own taxi service. The fleet is small, 25 cars. I think about expansion, as there is demand. Would take another 20-25 cars such as Skoda, Chevrolet. But when I began to look at the loan options, the decisiveness was reduced. I know that there is a leasing option, but I have never come across it. Who can tell?
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Answered on March 6, 22:39
Yes, I also heard that leasing is more profitable than a loan, but there are some nuances there, and there are a lot of companies, conditions are different everywhere, it’s not clear where to go, what to pay attention to. Be sure to carefully review the contract.
Answered on March 6 22:44
Definitely leasing is better than a loan. But ideally, you should try to choose a company that offers leasing of certain brands of cars. Skoda Rapid, for example, can be taken here, first study the conditions, talk with the manager, ask all the questions before entering into a contract.
Answered on March 6 22:53
Different companies have very different conditions for leasing and indeed there are nuances.Therefore, do not rush, study as many suggestions as possible, ask all your questions.