Studying the frog

We study the frog. We want to show you that studying biology can be an interesting, fascinating, creative activity. We are sure that all parents who decide to organize such an activity for their children themselves will be delighted.

Biology for children, as a rule, becomes the most interesting and beloved science, perhaps because young children intuitively feel their connection with the surrounding nature and are happy to learn about it new facts.

 crafts frog

crafts frog

Therefore, in the preschooler’s education at home is mandatory you need to turn on the intro cycle ku, zoology, and even anatomy. All that adults need is to provide young biologists with visual aids and give them the opportunity to work with them during the game.

For children, this form of activity turns out to be very effective:

  1. it activates cognitive activity
  2. curiosity
  3. teaches to reflect
  4. analyze
  5. to draw conclusions

All of the above The requirements of this method of studying biology, as co-creation with children layouts.In this case, the life cycle of the frog is to be studied, respectively, the layout will be devoted to it. But the technique can be used in the study of other topics.

At the beginning, we create a frog's habitat - a small pond. To do this, you can use any capacity you want: a basin, a bath, a tray.

 exploring the frog

children will happily create a small world of frogs

In the pond we put the usual green grass - it will replace the algae. If desired, you can purchase real rootless algae at the pet store.

 exploring the frog 1

Tray and grass for algae

Preparing other components of biogeocenosis:

  • pieces of bark that will replace snags
  • stones and artificial leaves replacing water lilies
  • residents: frog , tadpole, caviar (transparent round balls or beads can be used as caviar, frogs and tadpoles are often included in training e sets with freshwater)
 exploring the frog 2

The more interesting materials the better

Let the kid create a piece of the natural community himself,play the role of an observer and assistant.

 unfolding objects is a fascinating action

unfolding objects is a fascinating action

Let the child try to do all the subtle work, this will make his fine motor skills more perfect. In the process of creating a layout, the aesthetic development of children takes place, because in order for the result to please the eye and like the smallest creator, you need to arrange all the elements in the most successful way.

 picture frog

frog in your little world

The world of the frog is ready!

The world of the frog is ready!

The life cycle of the frog will be remembered forever. Thus, the child not only remembers the life cycle of the frog, but also develops its creative abilities.