Laminating eyelashes: for and against

Lamination of eyelashes - new-fashioned procedure, which replaced the build-up. Is she safe? What are its pros and cons? All the nuances of lamination will try to make out below.

What is eyelash lamination?

The procedure is fundamentally different from the extension and certainly has nothing to do with hair lamination. It can be compared more with a perm, but much more gentle and nourishing eyelashes. With the help of lamination, the eyelashes become twisted, as if you had just used a curler, they look a bit more luxurious due to the applied composition and are blacker thanks to him. The procedure is really amazing, and most importantly, it allows you to save a lot of time in the morning - you are already waking up with makeup.

The lamination process itself consists in the fact that first a special roller is placed under the eyelashes (its diameter depends on the desired bend and the length of the native eyelashes). After applying a special composition, which is updated about five times during the procedure, it just visually thickens the eyelashes, making them more luxurious.The next step, the master dyes the eyelashes, and the last chord is applied to them with a keratin treatment, which neutralizes the negative effects of the chemical mixture. At least, this is the correct sequence, but some masters confine themselves to curling, without dyeing and, especially, with power, which is why many clients notice a serious deterioration in the condition of their native cilia after washing off lamination. Everything about everything takes about 1-1.5 hours.

An important condition: after the procedure, you cannot wash your face for a day, rub your eyes with your hands, paint yourself, do eye makeup; sleep, too, will have to try carefully so as not to crush the new cilia. Do not worry: the first day eyelashes will look glued together, some kind of heaviness will be felt - as if something very oily and oily was applied to them. In the future, after fixing the result, no additional care for the eyelashes is required. Disappears the effect of lamination after hair regrowth.


The qualitative composition, even if chemical, as well as firming and nourishing serum not only does not spoil the eyelashes, but also makes them much stronger, stimulates growth, thickens hairs, even changes the structure.With regular lamination, you can not only visually make them thick, healthy, strong and shiny, but also prevent them from falling out and breaking. It is for this reason that many masters advise their clients to do eyelash lamination after the build-up - it's not worse, but maybe even better than all kinds of miraculous serums, oils and balsams restores the quality and health of natural hairs.

After the lamination procedure, you do not have to additionally paint the eyelashes with mascara, which significantly saves time on makeup in the morning. If you still can’t refuse the ink, you can lay it over lamination, creating an even more impressive result.

During the procedure of eyelash lamination, a special compound is used that does not cause any unpleasant sensations - it does not pinch the eyes, causing them to water, does not corrode the skin and does not cause burns to the cornea (as is sometimes the case with an increase in eyelashes with glue of poor quality). In general, lamination is a completely safe procedure that does not cause discomfort and side effects.

After lamination, the result is stored for quite a long time - about 2-3 months.At this time, you can completely forget about their cilia.

Lamination will not make you a doll - eyelashes look as natural as possible. Moreover, the regrown hairs do not look ugly, as it happens after building. Eyelashes simply gradually unwind, the paint is washed off, and the hairs return to their normal state.

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If you get a careless master and do not put a firming agent with keratin, after growing the eyelashes will be brittle and weak, as is the case after the extension. By the way, in some girls, even after a correct and consistent lamination procedure, the eyelashes are damaged and begin to fall out, but this happens quite rarely and, as a rule, due to an allergy to the components of the composition.

If the wizard strongly bends the eyelashes during lamination, it will be problematic to make up eyes with shadows, pencil or eyeliner.

In some, after lamination, the bend of the eyelashes turns out ugly: the hairs protrude in different directions, it is very difficult to put them back into place. It does not depend on the experience of the master and the composition of the product, but on the natural characteristics of human eyelashes.

Lamination of eyelashes is not recommended during pregnancy.The point here is not at all in the chemical composition - as we have already said, it is completely harmless, but in the hormonal background. A perm may simply not work, eyelashes will remain in the same condition, and money will be thrown to the wind.

For girls with very rare and naturally short eyelashes, the lamination procedure will not bring any overwhelming results - the hairs will become only slightly thicker and blacker, but will not be longer. In this case, only helps build.

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Pros lamination lash significantly overlap the disadvantages, but it's up to you. In any case, the procedure should be tried at least in order to compare it with the popular build-up and see the difference "before" and "after".